VfL Bochum | Individual cases

One hit. It was not a single beverage cup that flew towards the playing field, not in Bochum and certainly not in the past few weeks in the football Bundesliga, who longed so much the return of the fans.

Most of them as a throw-floor refined containers miss their goal. But this refereeing assistant Christian Ggantmann was full of the back of the head. An eclat that had to lead to Borussia Mönchengladbach against Borussia Mönchengladbach – and the question of how many “individual cases” are portable.

“Such pictures” nobody needs, said the affected person himself who suffered a skull and a whiplash. However, the impartial added: “The fans are back in the stadiums, where we all hoped and maintained so. That should not be questioned by this act.”

DFB determined

The DFBs court of the German Football Confederation will rate the case in the coming days. The VfL Bochum will be punished as a responsible association, the game should also be considered for Mönchengladbach. This shows a comparable case from 2011. The statements of Friday night also bear witness to a fear that the professional football could turn a larger wheel.

“No idea how to solve the problem. Maybe you really have to emphasize that, but that would be sad,” Bochum’s CEO Hans-Peter Villis was quoted by the “picture” quoted. “And we do not want that either. We live on that we have such a jewelery, that we are very close to our players.” In DFBs1 “double pass” Villis said, “A single-instrument has damaged the reputation of VfL Bochum”. He warned against being “all fans over a crust”.

DFB referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich arranged. “Emotions should not be out of violence. Unfortunately we had to experience last night that this border was exceeded by a single-instrument,” said cheerfully according to DFB opinion. DFB teacher Lutz Wagner expressed at “Spox” and “Goal”: “We are very glad that we have football stages without networks, barriers or plexiglass slices.” All fans to punish this, “because something happened somewhere,” would be a mistake.

The fan alliance “Our curve” looks similar. “There is no question that it is absolutely unacceptable that referees or referees are injured in games. It is now important to search for meaningful, targeted and sustainable solutions, instead of laying up a flat-rate claims or to attempt a security debate,” said the chairman of the fan alliance, Helen Wide, the German Press Agency.

No new phenomenon

That objects are thrown towards the field is by no means new in football. At the beginning of the season, the pictures of Borussia Dortmund’s Jew Bellingham made for erasure – the BVB Jungstar had caught a mug at the Dortmunder Cheers and poured the content in the face. The thrower or the thrower should have had a different intention.

“There are always objects towards the playing field.” It gives “too many” individual cases “,” said Gittenmann, who was back home after a short hospital visit on Saturday. “There are always objects towards the playing field.” On the question of how these cases could be opposed, he replied: “A nation-wide zero tolerance policy with a clearly defined and for all and hard penalty known for all and hard penalty should be worked out.”

The VfL Bochum was aware of the problem before the incident in the West duel against Borussia. Still on Friday before the game before 25,000 spectators, a video clip produced together with a sponsor was shown on the theme on the stadium walls. The beer is not there for throwing, but for drinking, says VfL captain Anthony Losilla in the clip. That does not understand all.

In the comparable case, in 2011, the game FC St. Pauli was broken off the FC Schalke 04 at the stand of 2: 0 for the guests, after the referee assistant Thorsten Schiffner had also met by a mug. The game was scored 2: 0 for Schalke, St. Pauli had to issue the first match of the second division season 2011/12 at least 50 kilometers outside of Hamburg.