Grand theft auto

GTA V in PS5 and Series X

A couple of days ago, it came _ Grand Theft Auto V _ to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. This is the third generation where RockStar’s work can be found. However, people are not happy with this re-launching. In this way, the public has expressed its discontent in a very common way these days, with the Review Bombing.

Currently, _ GTA V_ for PS5 has a rating of 3.4 in Metacritic, a score that is also repeated with the Xbox Series X | s version. Players have shown their discontent with the few substantial improvements that these versions offer, The price, the fact that the update is not free, that we have not seen new content for Red Dead online, and many remain angry for GTA: The Trilogy.

This is not the only case we have seen in recent days, since a couple of days ago gran tourism 7 also suffered from Review Bombing, after the game servers stopped working, thus blocking the players of this experience For a whole day. Returning to _Grand Theft Auto V, _ Opinions have pointed out that this game has a rating of 82.

On related topics, here you can check our gameplay of this improved version of GTA V. Similarly, this is this title compared to its other versions.

Editor’s note:

Cars Are So Fast Now On PS5 & Xbox Series X We Can FINALLY Do This In GTA 5 Online!
Unlike other occasions where the Review Bombing is a justified way to criticize, this is one that does not deserve so much hate. Yes, this is not a version with so many improvements, but this is still a great adventure.