Where to visit seven cashposts in Fortnite, chapter 3, season 2

Seven cashposts played a significant role last season due to their storage facilities and participating in seasonal quests. This season, they can still be found on the map, but there have been some changes. The storage facilities are no longer available, but on these advancedes there are still boards with awards and several important NPCs.

Next to these seven cashposts on the map appear some other cashposts. Nevertheless, they seem to be more involved in IO. They can play a role in seasonal quests in the near future. Seven cashposts are located mainly in the same places as last season, but there is one significant difference.

Seven Zaking I

SEVEN OUTPOST I is located southwest of the Greaty Grove closer to the edge of the map.

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Seven cashposts II

Seven Outpost II is located on a mountain, towering over the Logjam sawmill in the north-west.

Seven cashposts III

Seven Outpost III is located on the edge of the map in the northeast direction from Daily Bugle.

Seven cashposts IV

Seven Outpost IV is located right south of the Chonker’s Speedway racing route.

Seven cashposts V

SEVEN OUTPOST V is located through the stream to the west of Command Cavern.

Seven cashposts VI

This is the location of the previous Seven Outpost VI. However, the real cashpost was removed from the game and replaced by the dispatching item. It can be a deliberate change in the plot of the season, and it can again appear later elsewhere. At the moment, the sixth cashpost is completely absent.

Seven cashposts VII

Seven Outpost VII is located south of Launchpad Island and southeast of Mighty Monument Island.

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