“Rettime” Development source Taoho × Cyberpunk ACT “NINE SOLS” Achieved goal 24 hours from the start of Cloud Funding

Red Candle Games has achieved 3,000,000 NT dollars (approximately ¥ 12.7 million), a 2D action “ 9 day Nine Sols ” currently under development.

Last week, the workfunding started with the Cloud Funding. Although it was due to May 9th, it was reported in Twitter that the goal was achieved within 24 hours from the start. At the time of this article, about 4,300,000 NT dollars (about 18.2 million yen) are gathered.

Stretch goal adds a simple difficulty level with 6,000,000 nt dollars, adding a new cut scene with 9,000,000 nt dollars, adding different endings in 12,000,000 nt dollars, and adding a boss boss with 15,000,000 nt dollars.

“Nine Nine Sols” where you can enjoy the “Sekiro” -like action to attack and fight back enemy attacks, will be delivered by STeam for PC. Delivery with PS and Nintendose switches is also planned. Cloudfunding campaigns are implemented until May 9, and digital copies can be obtained with more than 600 NT dollars (approximately 2,500 yen).