Google is collecting information without authorization on Android

Nowadays, it is common to have our stored private information either in the cloud or directly on our mobile devices. That is why we must be very careful with the kind of applications and permits that we grant, although in the case of google , I forget to ask for authorization and without the consent of the users, they have been gathering confidential information very very Sigilose

It happens that according to a study conducted by Trinity College of Dublin , the applications of messages and telephone on devices Android has been sending data to google without authorization of Users, something that evidently is a violation of privacy. But how does this happen exactly? Below we explain it to you.

In the application of messages , each time the user receives or sends an SMS , this APP records data such as date and time when the text, sender’s phone and an identifier was sent or received. This data is sent through the services ClearCut of Google Play Services, and Firebase de Analytics. ie, Google has a detailed list of all the people with whom you have sent messages, same case with the Application of phone that records time and duration of the call.

Android without Google? How is that Possible?

Editor’s note: Given this information to be this information, it is surprising that a company as large as Google has dared to collect private data without user consent. This will surely awaken a lot of alerts between the community, and it seems that we must be much more careful with our information.