Bachmann meets Bayern late in Mark

PSG-Coach Didier Ollé-Nicolle changed his first eleven compared to the 2: 1 first-game victory from the previous week on two positions: The former Munich Däbritz lacked injured and was replaced by Diallo, Dudek started for De Almeida.

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Bayern’s coach Jens Scheuer exchanged after the 4-0 home success against the SGS food although only on two positions (Bühl and glass for Asseyi and Rall), but still personally stood in front of a mum task: many Munich people infected in recent days With the coronavirus and joined some injured. Thus, in addition to two goalkeepers only the 18-year-old Landenberger (two missions) and the 16-year-old Gloning (not yet an assignment), which were available as field players, took only two goalkeepers.

Despite the many failures, Bayern were not allowed to lay the game, which is why Trainer Scheuer had spoken in advance of a “catastrophe”.

Bayern begins brave – Kumagai answers fast

Much in the run-up in the run-up to the Münchnerinnen, which are also available with a 1: 2 mortgage from the first leg in the Parc of the Princes before the record scenery of 27,262 fans. But the performance in the first few minutes gave rise to hope, because the reigning German master dominated PSG, put the French in early pressure and acted courageous, Bühl left the first good chance (15th).

Shortly thereafter, a long flank ball from Baltimore found the way to the net, where goalkeeper in the way did not look good (17.). But Bayern women showed themselves completely unimpressed and in their part in person of Kumagai, in their part, pressed a standard for the prompt compensation across the line (19th).

Subsequently, both teams presented themselves at eye level, whereby guidably competed their mistake, when they parried bear strongly against Geyoro by footproof (27.) and held their team in the game. Until the break, the gates did not happen even too much, because on both sides often the last decisive ball was not played precisely enough.

Gate with his arm counts – good luck for the Munich

Personnel unchanged and quite quiet, it went into the second round, which took up in the 54th minute with a bumping strike on driving: Bühl pulled into the middle, her shot was scanned by the elbow Schüller and became so untenable for Votikova. The hits included, though the gate was achieved with his arm, the Var did not catch one – luck for the Munich, who equalized the booking track.

Where the journey should go, both teams were not so clear, big offensive actions stayed out. This condition took into the final phase, then Ollé-Nicolle took the first change before (77.) and headed a small PSG offensive. Once again, Leitig served excellently against Katoto (79.).

Bühl and Magull forgive – it goes into the extension

Thereafter, the Münchnerinnen once again put a shell on it and had even possibilities to make the semi-final feeder through Bühl (87.) and Magull (90.). Since both awarded, it went into the extension.

And in this was felt that the Germans have long been playing over their pain threshold and became getting tired. Listened to Kumagais short return had to risk everything that the Japanese woman himself prevented the goal even by head the goal (99.), otherwise not much happened in the first section. Landenberger came for the second section and to your CL debut for the published berryesteyn and could not behave as the former Wolfsburg Bachmann (2015/2016) heavily prevailed in the penalty area and met the Munich in Mark (112.).

Bayern did not recover from this setback, they had to give themselves after a large fight over 120 minutes.

In the Champions League semifinals, which should go over the stage at the end of April, PSG meets the winner of the quarter-finals between Juventus and Olympique Lyon. The first leg won the Italians at home 2: 1. Next Sunday (2 pm), it will be enormously important for the Munich, because then it’s in the Bundesliga to the top game to Wolfsburg.