[Game Litness Ratio] Kidney Craft Tone, Still Focus on essence

After the craftone was listed, the first regular shareholder general meeting was held on the 31st. Currently, the craffiton share price is to form a lower price. In the unique atmosphere, the Craftone Group was held for 2 hours and 40 minutes. This year’s game is the longest time in the game. Over the past 30 days, NCsoft’s total time is longer than about 1 hour. Chairman Bong Kyung-gyu has not attended the first Corona 19 closed.

Article 15 of the scheduled agendas, granting the financial statement, granting the number of stock options, the issue of the executive reservoir approval, the proportion of revision of the executive retirement regulation, A total of 6 cases were all passed.

Craftone has done the guns to persuade shareholders disappointed at the stock price. Craftone is a position to focus on essence rather than recovery in the residence right now.

“The Craftton, said,” He tried to secure sustainable development capabilities in shareholders, faith and encouragement last year, “he said,” As a result, “the” Battleground “IP of the Craft Tone was more grown at a global IP.” Kim, Chang-hwa, emphasized that the craffetone has been in the global game company last year. “Last year, 94% of the cumulative sales of W186.3bn, has occurred overseas, and our games are being served in the world’s area,” he said, I am paying attention to the market. “

Kim Chang-ha, “We plan to open a variety of business opportunities in the new market, create a variety of business opportunities in the new market,” In the fields of VR, Web 3.0 / NFT, etc., we plan to provide new value to both gamers and creatures, and to make new technologies to create differentiated content. ” “We will promote business expansion as a” prerequisite to continue pleasure and challenge for the game. “

The following is a briefcase and a shareholder response summary. Craftone has answered Kim Chang-jae and CFO, CFO.

\ – What is your opinion on the share price that the contest is lowered?

Kim, Chang-ha, “It is not a company that the company is not necessarily. Craftone is striving to grow the essential core value we have to grow to grow.

All executives, including me, are feeling heavy responsibility for the share price decline. We are doing our best to do our best. We are looking for various things for the stimulus “

CFO “All company executives, including me, have a great sense of responsibility. Seven months of listing have been listed. When listed, why do not you explain why I’m on a list of ipoes, and explain how to use it. The stock price drops a lot.

First, it is true that the investment sentiment is frozen in the first half of the financial market due to the interest rate hike and the economic recession. In addition, the “Battleground: New State” made a great expectation within the craftone has failed to meet expectations.

At the time of the listed, some media attacked, and the company was so painful. At the time of the listed, the total cost of operating profit was 20 trillion won. We were more than two times more operating profit to take over 20 trillion won. “

\ – Did the public is appropriate at the time of the listed?

CFO “CFO” is a numbers that have a specialist, which are expertise, we can not affect. The share price has also been 580,000 won after the actual listing.

As a result, stock prices have fallen, and the questions may have questions that are not properly pronounced. The crafting tone is the first IPO, but a large number of IPOs occur in the market. If there is a violation of the law, you will not be able to do the appropriate opinion. We have been normally received, and they received the appropriate opinion. It is personally saddened by the doubt until their decision making.

However, the craftone did not do strange, or it did not fit the sales, or did not fit the principle “

Is there a treasurer or incineration plan for stock price dependents?

CFO “CFO” I have to use treasury stocks for future growth. It is possible to fluctuate stock prices in short-term heading announcements among many ways to raise stock prices. It is to create a real-ring that you get. When you create the confirmed ring, you will think that the craftone will receive the appropriate price. “

Is there a free policy-based plan?

CFO “CFO” It is possible to be sensitive to the unit price. However, the company should consider all shareholders in the decision. When the company announces a free policy, the day can come. But after 3 to 6 months, Temporary effects. As a result of corporate financial point of view, it is not uncertain, but the effect can not be practiced in order to attach the market.

Other reasons apply a free shareholder to the existing shareholder, and the relative stake will be charged. Many shareholders have not agreed to the free policy effect, but they can only be better for taxes.

Comprehensively, the free policy is not a good way to build a crafty t1. I personally want to post a share price, and I really want to persuade the board, when I really effectively effectively. But I do not see the basis “

** \ – The share price is falling,

CFO “CFO” Recently Web 3.0 and NFT are enhanced, and demand for unreal engine developer developers of existing game companies are enormous. In fact, Due to Corona 19 situations, telecommuting is enabled, and the US Google and Amazon are interviewed by the United States, I will take it as a much better condition. I am looking at the US company in Korea in Korea.

The number of numbers can see that the company does not give a profit in my shareholder, and I can see that the so-called employees shall be shared, but it is not at all. Craftone is very important than other industries. We are not a business to lower the facility investment and manufacturing costs. People are business. The game is also entertainment and creative is important. It is important to maintain such competitiveness and make retention to the long-term growth of the craftone “

\ – What is the dividend plan?

CFO “Multiple limitations can be determined at the general meeting of shareholders in 2023. I hope that the shareholders will be able to have a direct reduction with the investment in the Krafton”

Is not it better to concentrate on game development rather than punishing various businesses?

Kim Chang-hyeon ‘s “sympathy, emphasizes the company, emphasizes competitiveness. However, there is a problem of resource distribution problems when the company is growing. The block chain is not so fashionable. I see the block chain technology. We are looking at what we can create a small team. I do not like trends “

\ – Chinese risk, plan to escape Tencent risk?

Kim Chang-seong “Craftone and Tencent are not likely to be in the management relationship. International situation can affect business. Recently, there is a Russian-Ukrainian war, and this international situation change affects our global as well.

Measures are preparing. For example, when we can not service to India, there was a problem between the Indian government and the Chinese government. As a result, Craftone has tried well and consulted well with the Indian government. I am doing well now.

On the other hand, we are increasing emerging markets such as India. I am going to reduce Chinese dependence on how. I will try to secure the user more globally “

\ – I want to hear the promise of the stock prices or goals right now.

CFO “CFO” I want to hear a goal after a promised 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months later. However, it is not due to the principle of the unpublished information. Since 3 months, the estimated net profit can not be said. The Company CFO Do not. The market is determined.

Shareholders can think that management is incompetent. But when I think well, I was a challenge that was a difficult company in 2017 in 2017. The staff salary was also difficult. I know the book ‘Craft Tone Wei’. I came here to the company that I did. Management is not disabled.

I personally think that the ‘Patuitary’ is natural when listed. The share price was over 500,000 won until December, Of course, I do not want to believe in us vaguely. Management is worried about many ways. There is also a way to turn on when planned method is not released.

Last year, Game Performance was dandeled, but it is not a craft1. I grown as much as I expected. We believe that the ‘Battleground’ IP is that powerful. We have time, energy, brand. I am sorry that I have a good strength. I feel the responsibility.

I will challenge this year again. At the moment the IP is one of the “Battlegrounds”, I think the gaze of the world looks at the craftone is completely different. “

\ – Do not you have a new news that you can now?

Kim Chang-ha, “I do not have to be faithful to myself.”

\ – Battleground Ground ‘One Game Risk’ Concern What is your idea?

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CFO “World Great Content Companies began on a single IP. The companies are different from other companies, and one IP is very powerful, and one IP is very powerful. In another place, the battle ground can be seen as a single IP I did not have it. It is because it is a variety of platforms to service. In addition, Battle Ground IP is Webtoon, Animation, Young