Krypto-Gaming is so safe: Hacker steals 600 million dollars from blockchain

We had already shown in our big special for crypto gaming, NFTs and Blockchain Games that a blockchain or games that set blockchain technology are not as sure as many advocates of this technology promise. An up-to-date hacker attack proves how Implementing this error for players can fail.

Attack on Axie Infinity

Said attack was recently, according to the operators of the payment service Ronin (via the standard) on the online game Axie Infinity. The executing hackers should have stolen crypto currencies worth $ 600 million, 173,600 units of cryptostity ether and still stable coin worth 25.5 million US dollars.

Axie Infinity's Ronin Chain Suffers $600+ Million Hack!

The attack was revealed as a user complained about being able to transfer crypto currency over his account. This transfer out of the game should actually be made possible by the Ronin service. A subsequent investigation by Sky Mavis, which in addition to Ronin also operate the affected game Axie Infinity, made it clear that we have to do here with one of the biggest cryptodiamen of the still young Krypto story.

One now wants to ensure that all users get their money back with the law enforcement agencies, forensics and their own investors. In addition, all existing resources should be used to prevent such thefts in the future. According to the manufacturer, 2.5 million users in Axie Infinity should be online in order to breed NFT avatars, for sale, to rent, or to compete against other players. Sounds fun”?!

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