World Cup 2022: Infantino calls for FIFA

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has prompted politicians around the world during the Congress of the Football World Association in Doha politicians to finish “conflicts and wars”.

“For our children, for our future. Please, goes into dialogue – also with the worst enemy,” said Infantino in the conference center of the capital of the World Cup host Katar.

He believes “the power of football, bring together people and overcome cultural boundaries”. The war in Ukraine leaves him “with a heavy heart”, said the Swiss and referred to his last European Championship as UEFA Secretary-General in 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia, which he had already contributed as FIFA President, was “a great success”, “athletic as cultural,” said Infantino: “But obviously she did not solve the problems of the world, she does not even have the Problems solved in the region, brought out no permanent peace. ” He was not “so naive” to believe the football could solve all problems. But the FIFA wool her “small role” playing, bringing people together.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino urges Vladimir Putin to engage in meaningful peace talks

“Gianni Infantino has the strength to change the world”

The Corona pandemic was almost overcome. “What happens now? War,” said Infantino. “War with the fear of a global conflict – with these terrible events in Ukraine. But there are terrible wars and conflicts in other parts of the world, we must not forget that. Places where helpless people suffer and die. We live in an aggressive world, in a shared world. ” In addition, Infantino directed to Nelson Mandela Nobel Prize winner, who said “that Gianni Infantino has the power to change the world.”

At the beginning of the congress, Infantino had waived statements to the Ukraine war. FIFA had invited all member associations to Qatar, including Russian whose teams are excluded from all competitions because of the attack on Ukraine. On-site in Doha Alexei was Sorokin, the organizational leader of the past World Cup 2018 in Russia. “We do not hide. We have every right to be here,” Sorokin said.

The participation of delegates from Ukraine remained unclear on site. In the traditional call of all nations, Ukraine was also proclaimed as “present”, a participation was also possible online. It was speculated about an appearance of Andrij Kusmenko, the Ukrainian ambassador.