Auto Battle Strategy Game “Bolobo-Boxed Cell Robot Armies ~” Experience Version Delivery Started. Diverse look and ability robots fight hard on board

Personal Indie’s Developer’s Motton Developer has started delivery of the trial version of the Auto Battle Game “Bolo Bolo-Boxed Cell Robot Armies ~” on April 1. The platform is PC (Steam / Itch.io), and the release timing is scheduled May 26th.

“Bolobo-Boxed Cell Robot Armies ~” is an autobutard type game that causes robots expressed in voxels. The purpose is to annihilate the enemy robot. The player places a combat robot called Bolobo on a grid-like board, and lets the enemy with the enemy approaching it. This work is a specification that the combination of robot arrangement position and Bolobo combination holds the key to the victory. Auto Battle shall also be a style that combines strategic elements.

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Bocobo’s design expressed in voxels is somewhere comical look. From an inorganic form, various Bochovo appears up to a cute look. Bocobo is operated by attaching a body to the core, and the basic performance is determined by this body. For example, a lightweight body is good at the approaching match, but it is beaten and weak. Body type body is good at far-distance attack, but armor is brittle, so it does not go to the front.

Bolobo defeated by battle loses the body, but the core continues to survive. By attaching a new body after the end of the battle, it can be revived as a new Bolobo. While the basic performance in the battle depends on the body, the core core repeats growth upon battle, depending on the body. In other words, by installing the body in a core, it is possible to create a unique Bolobo, such as thermal power-oriented attack type robot and a high defense.

In addition, there are also elements that players can only intervene during combat. This is an item that uses items in any scene and exerts a powerful effect such as an overall attack or status significant increase. Although there is a disadvantage that the bolobe body of the activated Blowboro has greatly demonstrated, it will be the hand of the adverse war station to change.

Developers in this work are the current university and game developer at home. He is named “Unity’s university student”, and has been driving daily for game production using Unity in parallel with his school. In May 2011, the prototype version of this work is released in May 2021. After that, adjustments such as UX and combat scenes are reinforced, and the trial version delivered safely. Currently, development of this work is still in progress, and the struggle can be confirmed by his Twitter.

“Bolobo-Boxed Cell Robot Armies ~” will be released May 26 for PC (Steam / Itch.io). In the STEAM page, the trial version during free delivery can play up to chapter 2 in all five chapters. In addition, in the product version, in addition to the main mode consisting of all 26 stages, it is scheduled to implement an interrupt mode such as endless.

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