Game engine GameMaker is a formal compatible with Japanese. The name is also changed, new departure

Yoyo Games has published a version 2022.3 update for Game Engine GameMaker on March 31st. Now that GameMaker Studio 2 has been used as GameMaker Studio 2 has been changed with GameMaker, tools are officially supporting Japanese.

GameMaker is a game engine specialized for 2D game development. Not only for PC, but also releases for mobile and console. Features correspond to visual scripts using drag and drop and code by unique language. In addition, even if fine control is supported on the game engine side, 2D games are easy to create without deep knowledge of the program. It is widely used by indie developers, and famous places include “Undertale”, “RISK of Rain”, “Downwell”, “KATANA ZERO”, “VA-11 HALL-A” and “Hot-line Miami”.

It will be the official correspondence of Japanese. In the same tool, it supports Korean, Italian, and Japanese in Polish. As a result, the IDE (integrated development environment) of the game is languageized. By selecting Japanese from the language item of General Setting, UI will be Japanese. There is a plan to be localized for the manual. This is not yet compatible at this time, and it seems to be implemented. Not only tools, but also Japanese language of manual will be happy to developers.

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For version 2022.3 updates, the tool name is renamed from GameMaker 2 to GameMaker as mentioned at the beginning. At the same time, the name name of each function has also been changed. In addition, video embedding function tested in beta version VIDEO PLAYBACK is also a formal implementation. I could more freely insert the video. Besides that, a filter has been added new and strengthening the production. Besides, adding various functions and bug fixes are provided. For more details, please check the official site patch note.