Albert Bunjaku: I often got myself in the way

The current second half will be his last as a player – that was Bunjaku right at the beginning of the Albert Bunjaku Interview (Thursday issue). And even at the finish on his last station, he did not have any doubts: “I have never risen and does not want to start at the end of my career,” said the 38-year-old and brought the situation of his new club right now: the Bonn SC ranks straight ahead with three points ahead of the first relegation platz in the Regionalliga West. In short: It’s only all and alone about the class blast.

Courage makes the most recent form of the BSC. Since Bunjakus Arrival On January 31, you drove 14 points from eight league games. “I think,” revealed the attacker, “that with my commitment was a jerk through the team. The team enters more confident and by no means a relegated.”

I thought: First I shame the 2nd league and then all first divisions tear around me. Instead, I sat on the bank and my contract ran out.

Albert Bunjaku

Bunjaku meets familiar faces on his third regional league station (after Erfurt and Viktoria Cologne), which favors his change. “Daniel Zillken I already knew as ChefScout and co-coach of the Viktoria,” explained the Routinian. “Added to that I have played with Marcel Ndjeng (co-coach of the BSC, ANM. D. RED.) in Paderborn and live in Cologne. Everything was fine.”

That was not always the case in Bunjakus career. “I often got myself in the way,” he opened. “When I changed to Paderborn in 2006, I thought in my youthful carelessness: First of all, I broke the 2nd league and then all the first divisions tear around me. Instead, I sat on the bank and my contract ran. I realized: In Switzerland, I may be a big number, but not here. “

Transfer to Erfurt “Happy Musual”

So the native Kosovare (formerly Yugoslavia) made a step back – to red-white Erfurt in the Regionalliga. “It was a lucky,” Bunjaku said, “My wife worked in a fashion shop and met there on the wife of the Erfurt Trainers Pavel Dotchev. The conversation looked out: He sought a striker and me a new club.”

One day I want to work as a trainer.

Albert Bunjaku

The then 22-year-old rose not only in his second year with RWE in the 3rd league, but also then with the 1st FC Nuremberg in the Bundesliga. There, in the season 2009/10, Bunjaku net twelve times and gained the nickname Bum-Bum-Bunjaku. “At the club I was also the Swiss national player.”

“That has everything got again”

In 2010 he was allowed to drive to South Africa with the Swiss Africa with the Swiss Africa – and even got a mission against Chile. “This has once looked everything – despite that in the preliminary round,” Bunjaku summed up, the years later moved to the national team of Kosovo. In his first international game in the new national jersey he promptly achieved the first official country game of the country – both for him personally and for the then recently recorded in the UEFA Cosovarian selection.

Albert Bunjaku in the jersey of the Swiss national team. imago sports photo service

I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself

The third climb with the fourth German club missed Bunjaku conceivably scarce. In the relegation to the Bundesliga he failed in 2013 with Kaiserslautern to Hoffenheim. “There was no more round for me on Bayenberg,” he explained. “My second cartilage damage and a change of coach led to the farewell”.

Nevertheless, Bunjaku succeeded for 35 years the third climb: the jump with Viktoria Cologne in the 3rd league “was a salvation for the club. Also for me it was a highlight, but hopefully not my last”. Because he made clearly clear: “One day I want to work as a trainer.”