Reindl convinces: ice hockey

The member of the Executive Organ of the World Association IIHF assumes that Russia will be deprived of the World Cup at the end of May at the Congress in the Finnish Tampere.

Canada vs. USA | Full Game | 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship
“I can not imagine playing a World Cup in Russia today,” Reindl said on Friday in the face of the Russian attack crest in Ukraine.
“It goes in this direction,” said the German Association Chief in view of a World Cup withdrawal.
For the current year, IIHF had already deleted all events planned in Russia and excluded the national teams of Russia and Russian ally Belarus from the World Cup tournament in this May in Finland.

The events for the coming year are according to Reindl at the end of April at a meeting on the agenda.
Maybe it is already decided.