At least a courtyard woman attacks Qatar and Infantino Frontal

The World Association remained true, especially in the person of Gianni Infantino and his followers. The FIFA President stepped towards the lectern on the trunker during the three-hour event, but to repeat only the well-known defense speeches with regard to the World Cup host and thus exhaust themselves in public areas.

So it avoided Infantino Tunilbest, in the Russian commander against Ukraine a clear position and a direct demand against the aggressor, whose football delegates were different from the Ukrainian Union Chief Andrij Pawelko in the hall in a video submestor only in a video motion in a video submestor could be present in the hall. Instead, he appealed flat-rate to all conflict stoves with the “big request to all who have power in the world: Please finish these wars.”

Klaveness goes on the FIFA guidance Frontal

Gianni Infantino elected FIFA President

From the sluggish-looking formulation, there was a brave, subtle and rapid abbinous applause for this argual formulation – but in the form of the brave Lise Klaveness at least a critical vote. The long-standing Norwegian national player, since the beginning of the month, President of the Football Association, joked as the only present present, and in their literacy, both World Cup hosts Qatar and the FIFA leadership. In the “Brutal War in Europe”, a country has exercised an invasion of another country. There must be pressure, and the FIFA has to go, “the 40-year-old demanded.

The Russian delegation took note of it as well as Infantino with expressionless expression. The fact that the day before the exclusion of Russian teams from the international competitions confirmed, but the Russian association was not unloaded by the Congress, the Eternal Zigzag Course fits this for six years of Infantino-dominated world association. Finally, the Swiss announced that he will choose to elect for a third term in the next year. It is to be feared that his prospects for a victory are not bad.

Infantino shows close to “my brother” from Qatar

At least he certainly has the voice from Qatar. While Lise Klaveness the World Cup assignment as “unacceptably” scourged “with unacceptable consequences”, Infantino praised the “progress”, which has already given it in the desert state in terms of human rights in recent years and only thanks to the World Cup assignment.

Of course, the fact that sharp allegations of human rights organizations were expressed again because of the conditions in Qatar. Instead, he showed proximity by giving the word “my brother”, sheikh Khalid am Abdulaziz Al Thani. The Qatarian Prime Minister agreed in the choir of the pious promises with the words: “We want to create bridges between our cultures and break with all clichés.”

In just nine months, one will draw balance and see what has been put into action of these promises. Infantino rejects a far from the window now: “It will be the best World Cup of all time, the biggest show in the world.”