ÖFB team chief search: Andreas Herzog has not been contacted

Believe media reports, Andreas Herzog is a candidate for succession of ex-team boss Franco Foda. The 53-year-old was not contacted yet.

In the qualification group, Andreas Herzog is located with the Admira on the fourth place, four meters from undertaking Altach. And the distance could be bigger, the south towns conceded the 2-2 compensation on Saturday in Vorarlberg in minute 96 by Felix Strauss.

Around the game, Duke spoke about potential interest from ÖFB, the Rapid legend counts in addition to Markus Schopp or Peter Stöger to the domestic candidates.

“No, I was not contacted. I have other preparations (Note on the Altach game) and after the last minute compensation of the Altacher I honestly also have other problems. You will see what comes, “says Duke at SKY.

How to deal with ex-team boss Franco Foda does not like Duke. “It’s a confidence. Franco led us to the European Championship, but at the end it has become a bit disrespectful,” says Duke. “This is not only in Austria, that’s the way in every country.”

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Franco Foda verkündet Abgang als ÖFB-Teamchef

If it goes to the ÖFB_rekordteam player, you have to look now, “that we train again in the junior again. And outer players who are tricky. You have seen when opponents stand defensively, you need outer players who are well in one-counter-one, “says Duke.” We are a good team, but if we want to achieve something again, we need real scorer. “