The Patch 1.09 of Horizon Forbidden West makes looting so better

100% completion corrections and performance enhancements at the top of the last week’s update for Horizon prohibited , which is pretty understandable. However, it means that the best thing about Patch 1.09 does not get the praise that it really deserves. In fact, the change was not even mentioned in the update notes! If you immerse yourself in the game options, there is now a rocker that removes the animation of Aloy to pick up healing, plants and wood in the open world.

If you decide to skip the animation, the process of recovery of these objects is considerably accelerated, which means that you can collect more in a much shorter period of time. The Twitter video below shows what’s going on, but actually, you press the Triangle button and the resource is automatically placed in your own inventory. Just go in front of them while spamming the button and you will collect them all instantly.

Choosing not to ignore the animation means that Aoy will crouperate during a fraction of a second and must pick up each healing object individually, plant and piece of wood you want to loot. It’s good for immersion, but when you have 20 hours of play, you just want to get them back as quickly as possible and move on, is not it? This new rocking allows this.

To find the option, put the game paused and select Settings. At the bottom of the General tab, you will find the “Pickup animations” tip. Set them to “OFF” and they will be a distant memory for the rest of your game. Now, look at your collection of balloon healing objects!

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