Champions League | Real Madrid: Benzema: FC Bayern shoots many goals, but.

Real Madrid is Karim Benzema in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. FC Bayern went out of the royal so far, a duel against the German record champion would have welcomed the French international.

“Manchester City always wants to hold the ball in his own ranks, but has not played against a team that attacks out of the depth,” said Benzema in an interview with the French Karim Benzemas direction “L’Équipe” with a view of possible fear opponents in The royal class and supplemented: “Bayern shoots many goals, but also collects many. Therefore, the team, before I was most scared, was PSG.”

But Benzema, Paris Saint-Germain was eliminated almost in the eighth-final return match. After the 0: 1 bankruptcy in the first leg, Real Madrid turned the duel in Madrid after a renewed 0: 1 residue and won 3-1 at the end. All three goals scored Benzema.

“When we had reached the goal to 1: 1 against PSG, they said that they lost,” recalled the 34-year-old Routinian back to the game and said with a view of the PSG stars: “That happens to them Often, they break together psychologically. I have the feeling I could have achieved even more goals against PSG if I had tried it. It felt like every shot was going. “

In the quarterfinals it gets Real Madrid to do with the FC Chelsea.

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Benzema hopes for MBappé change to Real Madrid

In the interview, Benzema also spoke about Kylian Mbappé, which is probably a change from a change from PSG to Real Madrid. “I like to play with him in the national team and I would like to play with him in the club. I think we would achieve twice the goals. Or maybe even threefold,” says the striker.

In the French national team, both are both on as well as next to the place. “For example, we both like to drop ourselves on the left wing, but we will never be both there at the same time,” said Benzema.