Horizon Forbidden West Nerft Legendary weapons and ensures displeasure

In the last week GUERilla Games Patch 1.09 for Horizon Forbidden West . Among other things, this suited little problem with some main and co-missions and also got a mistake that could provide problems when reaching 100 percent progress.

But obviously If the patch has not only improved things. How to read on reddit, the update also touched the weapon balance of the game – and not for positive. For apparently, the legendary weapons in the game have just been considers that they are not much stronger than those from the underlying category.

Correction down

Thus, among other things, the underlying weapons were screwed down and the improved versions were limited in their strength. On the other hand, the resources required for this are almost unchanged, which is currently a grind for weapons, which at the end is not worth this effort.

Accordingly, great is the displeasure in the community, which can not understand the adaptation at all. Accordingly, in the reddit of the game, threads with the title “The legendary weapons are not worth the upgrade time”.

Preparation for DLC as reason?

Since the gaining of legendary weapons is quite an important endgame activity, it does not really develop what developers guerrilla games wanted to see this change. There is no reaction to the community displeasure yet, but speculation on the part of the fans.

Among other things, among other things, rebalancing may be preparations for a DLC whose new weapons may be uninteresting at strong legendaries. Of course, however, this is only a speculation and it remains to be seen if and if yes Guerilla Games commented later on balancing adjustment.

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Hidden change makes loosen more pleasant

In addition to the changes mentioned in the patch notes, update 1.09 also provides a pleasing hidden innovation that makes the lototensive a bit more pleasant, in which it reduces the animations of Aloy. You read more here:

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Horizon Forbidden West: Hidden Change in Patch 1.09 makes the Lote much more pleasant


Horizon Forbidden West has been available for PS5 and PS4 since February 2022. The Open World game conceded the Bank’s excellent ratings, in our test shredded Forbidden West just just over the 90s brand. Those who need help for the game can be found in our large guide section to the game.