Epic Games, Unreal Engine 5 formal launch

Unreal Engine 5, which was the next generation technology of Epic Games, was finally exposed.

The Epic Games (Team Sweeten), which provides everything for Unreal Engine, Store and Digital Creative Ecosystem, announced its formal launch of Unreal Engine 5 through State of Unreal 2022 (State of Unreal 2022) did.

‘State of Unreal’ is the event that Epic Games will release the main technology of Unreal Engine, as the Ephic Games, and the announcement of major employees, including the team Sweety, and the announcement of major employees, including the Team Sweethen, was broadcast through YouTube and the twitch.

Unreal Engine 5 is a new version of the Unreal Engine, which was released in 7 years since the freezing of unreal engine in 2014, after the launch of Unreal Engine 4 in 2014. Prior to the launch of this formal launch, the early access version of Unreal Engine 5 and the preview version of Unreal Engine 5 are disclosed in March this year.

Regardless of the size of the team, Unreal Engine 5, aimed at providing an infinite possibility of visual and interaction, is a higher degree of freedom and high quality and flexibility than ever. Support it so.

Unreal Engine 5 is a key feature of innovative quality, ▲ wider world, ▲ next-generation animation and modeling.

▲ Innovative Quality can enjoy a vivid and realistic interactive experience, using a landmark new function that can produce a completely dynamic world, which is exceeding a generation such as Nanite and a lumen.

‘Lumen’ is a complete dynamic global illumination and reflection solution, to change the angle of the sun over time, or turns the flashlight immediately, such as turning on the flashlight, or opening the external door immediately.

The virtualized microphone geometry system, the ‘Nanate’ and the new ‘Virgin Shadow Map system’ enable you to create games and worlds with huge amounts of geometric details. Zbrush (zbrush) Import millions of polygon meshes from scans to photographic surveying scans, and can be used as real-time frame rates without prominent quality losses.

In addition, it has not necessary to worry about quality and performance as ‘temporal super resolution’. The gamers of the next generation console device expect a frame rate of more than 60 fps on the high-resolution display, which gives a rendering burden on rendering. With a platform independent temporal super resolution system that provides high quality uplink, you can render as a higher resolution at a higher resolution at a higher resolution.

▲ A wider world provides the tools and assets required to develop endlessly unfolded worlds to help all sized teams to easily and quickly create open worlds.

The new ‘World Partition’ system enhances level management and streaming, automatically divides the world into grids and streams the necessary cells. In addition, through one file system per actor, team members can work the same area of the same world at the same time, and using a data layer to create a world with a variety of variations in the same space as day and night.

▲ The toolset for ‘next-generation animation and modeling’ is provided by default on Unreal Engine 5. This allows external DCC tools to make an external DCC tool, and without having to repeat work, it becomes faster and accurately produced animation and asset even within the engine editor.

In the case of animation, it is possible to quickly generate Rick as Controlrick, to pose in the sequencer, and easily reuse existing animations with a new retaining toolset.

In the modeling section, modeling tools, such as mesh editing, UV creation, and editing, baking, and mesh properties, have been extended and improved. In addition, high density mesh operations generated by photographic capturing or in a quick cell mega scan are also easier and faster.

In the sound section, it introduced ‘Meta Sound’, a completely new audio production method. MetaSound is a high-performance system that allows you to fully control the creation of audio DSP graphs of sound sources, which allows you to manage all aspects of audio rendering to implement next-generation procedural audio experience.

In addition, quick cell bridges are fully integrated into the engine to provide a simple workflow and new UI, which can use the entire mega scan library.

New features and workflows in Unreal Engine 5 will be able to verify the implementation of the game development in the field of game development, I have finished.

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Meanwhile, we released two free samples to see all the new features of Unreal Engine 5. ‘Lyra Starter Game’ is a sample gameplay project, which is a good starting point to produce a new game, and can be used as a practical learning resource. ‘City Sample’ includes a sample project that can look at the Matrix Away Ben Demo’s city production, including a thousands of assets such as buildings and vehicles, and meta human characters.

Next-generation games and partners who are developing with Unreal Engine 5 were also disclosed through ‘State of Unreal’. Delivering the Delivery Studio developed by the Gears of War> has introduced the Demo ‘Alpha Point’ developed with Unreal Engine 5, and the CD Project Red is a new series, Crystal Dynamics, I announced that I was developing with Unreal Engine 5. Netflix Popular Drama Stretched Story’s Cherry and Unreal Engine 5 Airline Sims produced a monster of ‘Aceant’s Gorge’ released when accessing the unreal engine, emphasized that Unreal Engine has been causing great innovation across the film industry across the game.

In addition, the new community site ‘Epic De Beller Community was also disclosed in’ State of Unreal ‘. Free learning content, forums, Q & A, and code snippets, and other resources are available in one place, and anyone may write a tutorial to contribute to the community. Korean support will be provided later.

In the ‘State of Unreal’, the status of how to use the unreal engine in each industry, including games, was also released. Epic Games is a unreal engine, 48% of the whole next-generation console game titles, which is currently announced, is made of unreal engine, as well as automobiles, fashion, architecture, design visualization, brand activation and entertainment crosover all operations. I was released. In addition, Virtual Productions Using Unreal Engine is also used in movies and TV production, and it is also used to make large-scale games and live event contents.

Through the keynote, “Epic Games was established to create a wonderful game and share all the technologies freely with the community,” Team Sweety said, “The success of Epic Games,” said, ” When creating a game like a port night, I want all developers to enjoy all developers together. ” “Currently the most interesting thing is that real-time 3D technology is integrating industry into one industry, and that Unreal Engine 5 is used as a common media,” “Today,” Today, what you make, will be a stepping stone It would be, and let’s make the future together in this journey, “said the message for the developer community.