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Random: Witchers recipe book will give you a forward

Geralt does not spend all his time killing monsters and taking baths, you know. Sometimes he has to satisfy his own appetite, feed the beast that squeezes into him, stop the roar in his belly. The Wiccher 3: Wild Hunt obviously has its share of culinary delights throughout the trip, and soon you will be able to taste these dishes yourself, rather than just ask Mr. de Rivia from the Pellet.


The Wiccher Cookbook is becoming a reality – an official Witcher product containing 80 recipes based on the series and its food. Written and compiled by Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupecka, the book will cover the hearty main meals as well as drinks, desserts and more. “These dishes celebrate the local and seasonal ingredients while adding unique touches that form a culinary card from the continent and beyond,” read in the description.

It continues: “Reheat around a bowl of fragrant stew or juicy baked fruit from the homonymous trees of White Orchard; Complete a difficult trip to Velen with a rich and rustic meal at the local tavern; Enjoy an aromatic snack while walking on the Oxenfurt markets; Enjoy dishes from here and elsewhere in the diverse port city of Novigrad; Enjoy freshly caught fish and hot drinks on the Skellige Islands; enjoy rich dishes in sunny climates of Toussaint and Beauclair; Or pick the dangerous road to Kaer Morhen to learn edible secrets from the donjon of the witclemer. »

It is available in pre-order now on Amazon, where the release date is set at October 25, 2022.

Are you going to cook delicious treats with The Wiccher Cookbook? Dine in the comments section below.