FIFAe Nations Series: DFB vor Showdown in den Play

In March, the enamel team was in aspiration, the immaculate march into the first division of the second European conference, the prospects.

Six direct places for the play-offs will be awarded in Europe – three per conference. About the Consistency Ranking Germany is unlikely to qualify, it would therefore have to be occupied one of the first two ranks in the fourth play-in-week. After the first four encounters, the DFB is at fifth place.

Heavy weights are over

The residue on the radio-placed Italian is six points, but the situation is by no means: with the duels against Spain (1: 4), Italy (4: 1), Portugal (3: 3) and Sweden (3: 3) have umt ‘Umut’ Gültekin and Mustafa ‘Xmuster19’ Cankal the four heavyweights already behind them.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Iceland, Estonia and Scotland are still waiting for the Enwall Team – the three currently latter teams of the first division. 18 points are still ready to be entered in six parts.

DFB breaks personal rhythm

To be expected for the final play-in-week was another DFB duo: Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen and Kai ‘Hensoo’ Hense had completed the second week, ‘Umut’ and ‘Xmuster19’ the weeks one as well as three. Whether the break of the rhythm associated with the weak performance of ‘DullenMike’ and ‘Hensoo’ is unknown.

Enormously important is the prelude to Friday: While Sweden and Spain as well as Portugal and Italy are mutually disputed the points, the German enamel team should seek the maximum six points against Iceland – only in the last two duels could create a real showdown again in the last two duels.