PS4 “Ranch Story Olive Town and Hope Earth Special” announced, July 28 release. Pastra latest work is released with PS

Marvellas announced “ Ranch story Olive Town and Hope Earth Special ” on April 8th. The compatible platform is PS4, scheduled to be released for packages and downloads. Both the price and download are taxable 5980 yen.

“The ranch story Olive Town and the Hope Earth” is the latest “ranch” series latest work. The system of “ranch story” is an axis of the “ranch story” system, and a craft system is also an incorporated work. At the time of the Nintendo Switch version of the version of the game, criticism of some content expressions and quality of the game gathered, but the content was improved by steady updates. Also, in November last year, a free update was implemented to add various content.

TOUS LES POISSON ! ???? | Story of Seasons : Pioneers of Olive Town
The same work was released Nintendo Switch version in February 2021. STEAM version was released in September of the same year. After the Nintendo Switch version, after one year and five months, it will finally be launched on the PS platform. For PS4 versions entitled special with Special, additional characters and additional scenarios, included in the Paid DLC “Expansion Pass”. It is a bit advantageous. In addition, “exciting costume set” recorded by a large number of additional costumes is sold as a pay DLC for 1000 yen excluding tax.

“The ranch story Olive Town and the Hope Earth Special” will be released July 28 for PS4.