1. FC Cologne crowns Furiose catching up against the 1st FSV Mainz 05

The 1st FC Cologne came back after a 0: 2 residue Furio and sat down against FSV Mainz 05 with 3: 2 (0: 1). There were three important counters in the fight for international places.

22 minutes reached the 1st FC Cologne for a sensational turn: 0: 2 layers of coach Steffen Baumgart against the FSV Mainz 05 behind the FSV Mainz 05, but the FC professionals lit the turbo in the final phase and loved the fans at the end of the fans who turned the RheinEnergy Stadium into a Tollhaus.

“A giant compliment to the team that she has come back. That draws us all the season,” said Torcher Dejan Ljubicic after 3: 2 (0: 1) at “SKY”. And the trailers were rightless border and band, the Ultras climbed the fence and celebrated their FC heroes. Decisive was a triple change from Baumgart.

“Kölle, Alaaf, Alaaf,” it tanned out of the speaker boxes, the honorary round was at the Schaulauf. Mainz was launched by Jonathan Burkardt (14th) and Karim Onisiwo (55th) and seemed to be safe on the winning road. But Cologne, the mausetot seemed, countered by Ellyes Skhiri (60th), Ljubicic (78) and Luca Kilian (82.).

“The threesome changed very well”

“Until 60th minute a very good away game, we were too safe,” FSV Ljubicics director Martin Schmidt, “The 1: 2 has brought her back to life, the three-time change has done very well.” The FC kept the pursuer further at a distance. With now 43 meters Cologne climbed for the time being on the seventh place. Mainz (38) remains tenth. Thus, Baumgarts series also held: Since his office last summer, FC has never lost two Bundesliga games one after the other.

The FSV was noted from the beginning that he was on reparation for the sobering 1: 2 in the catch-up game on Wednesday at FC Augsburg. BURKARDT convinced in the storm center with a lot of use, again and again he was investable and made for confusion in the reformed defensive of the Cologne, who revealed Timo’s coordination problems without the locked defense chocolate.

With his leadership, Burkardt had a little luck: Kilian, borrowed from FSV, countered the shot of the Mainzer crucially. Cologne, on the other hand, had great difficulties to get structure and dynamics in the game.

1. FC Köln - 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 2-3 | Highlights | Matchday 28 – Bundesliga 2020/21

The passing and edge lacked the necessary precision. Baumgart reacted with a triple change: Among other things, Turkish international Salih Özcan moved to the center of Skhiris side, Jonas Hector on his attendant position on the left defensive side. Cologne now had more access – and came through Skhiri quickly for connection.

This hit released new energy. Fired by the loud fans Cologne developed overweight and crowded with force on the compensation. Mainz has rarely rarely managed in this hectic phase with many two fights to provide relief. The substitute Ljubicic and Kilian made the Cologne fans cheer.