Horizon Forbidden West: Supposedly online offshoot in the monster Hunter

With Horizon Forbidden West appeared in February only the second game from the franchise created by Guerrilla Games, but the brand has already made a name for itself thanks to its excellent quality. With Horizon Call of the Mountain is already a VR offshoot announced , yet it does not surprise that there are already rumors to other horizon games.

A total of three of them should be planning according to the Leak Accounts OOPS Leaks . Probably the most obvious is a third main part, according to the account, Horizon becomes a trilogy. A new Aloy adventure is likely to probably not really surprise most of you, but the other two titles that Oops Leaks are in planning.

Does Horizon go to the multiplayer direction?

Because on the one hand it should obviously give an online offshoot, which sets on Koop and goes towards Monster Hunter World . The setting with the hunt for mechanical engineering would naturally offer itself, I myself had the desire for a Horizon coop two years ago:

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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 needs Koop in the style of Monster Hunter World


Horizon Forbidden West - Meet the Cast | PS5, PS4
More backgrounds for this ominous horizon monster Hunter-Mix is not in the tweets, however, and also the information about the third project remains extremely vague.

It is called that it should be a “multiplayer shooter” that lays the focus on Esport and could offer a hero mechanics. While some sources of the account assert that this shooter is a new SOCOM game, others say that the shooter should be located in the Horizon Universe.

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How realistic is that? A third main part seems to be a secure bank from today’s perspective, the online direction appears at least much less realistic. Because Horizon has so far established itself mainly as a single player brand. Whether a multiplayer would work away from a coop offshoot, at least may be doubted, even if Sony wants to go back to Service Games in the future .

In addition, the source is not so established as other insiders, which is why one should treat the rumors with outermost caution.

Enough time for Forbidden West

New horizon games are far away from the VR part but far away from the future music, which is why you can currently dedicate yourself to Horizon Forbidden West in peace.

This offers enough secrets and activities in its huge Open World, to bridge the time to the announcement of a possible new part. If your help should need to play, look past Horizon Forbidden West in our Guide section.