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How to pass the test ugnaught

The last game of “Star Wars”, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, can offer a lot to players thanks to the inclusion of all the nine major franchise films. Players can experience the corresponding nine episodes games. These episodes contain five levels each level contains three level tests . Some tests are easy to skip, since the players are not invited to the quest, and instead they should simply perform most of them. This refers to a call called Ugnaught-Y in Revelations! Level Episode V: Empire Decompices .

How to go through UGNaught-Y in Revelations!

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles All Levels 1-275 Walkthrough Solution (With explanation)

In Level Challenge, called UGNaught-y, players will have to find all hidden robes at . After the battle Darth Vader , players will see the pile of items located where they previously jumped through the cylindrical door. Destroy these objects to open the console, which R2-D2 can crack to find the first set of horses .

After the second battle with Darth Vader in the hatch shoot through a round window. Along these forests, players will find the second group of Ugnotov . Continue to go along this path until you reach the corridor with several buttons leading to the rooms on the left and right. Final Harves are located by pressing the second red button on the left, and their detection will complete this test.

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