Tedesco: Kevin is always injured if we do not play

The team of Domenico Tedesco has already 16 games on the hump this year. That’s why it’s about the Leipziger Coach before the game on Sunday evening against the TSG Hoffenheim (19.30 clock, live! At Domenico) therefore to find the right mix of players.

He is important to him three points: “Freshness. What makes the opponent? How do we train?” The last factor trap is currently gone, says Tedesco, because there are hardly a workout because of a lack of time. On some positions is currently lacking an equivalent backup, which is why Kevin Kampl has to come back.

Tedesco reported on Friday from a practical property of Slovenes. “Kevin is strangely hurt when we do not play,” says the coach. “If he pauses, then he falls out, and when he plays, nothing happens. He has to go through, that’s good.” Anyway, the player feels most comfortable, “when he is in rhythm and plays”.

“I have been waiting for the question”

Although André Silva is in rhythm, but most recently acted, missing a penalty in the Europa League against Bergamo. For example, on the press conference on Friday afternoon, the question of the prevented goalkeeper came on: “What are you doing now with André Silva to play after three rather mugs?”

Tedesco was prepared: “At the question, I’ve been waiting for a bit. André is a top player who makes it really good. He has his qualities when he plays along, but above all in the box. We not only measure him in the box The gates. Of course, if he cleans the penalty yesterday, much is easier – too for him. But that’s no problem for him and for me at all, “his coach assured.

Nevertheless, it could be that he gets a break prescribed. “Like everyone else, such a player also lives from the freshness, so he will eventually get his break again to recharge the battery.”

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Whether it’s time on Sunday? In any case, the creatine kinase values of the players were measured. “Now I do not call it on the PK,” tedesco smelled. If the CK value is too high, this would be an indication of injury or inflammation of the musculature – and Silva would probably get his pause.