FCA-BOSS poses Mainz in the case of a lack of transparency

The party of the 26th matchday had been relocated in March for a corona outbreak in Mainz and had taken care of for trouble between the two clubs. “That brought you and us a lot of additional effort. Unfortunately, that was not in our sphere of influence,” Hofmann wrote in the club magazine of the Augsburg.

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The FCA was pleased, “that almost all Mainz players were fully operational for a few days after the occurrence against Dortmund and have survived the disease very quickly and very well. That is always the first place,” said Hofmann continued.

However, the annoyance is not very smoky about the scope of the game. “High above should also be athletic fairness. And it would have been safe to communicate to the other affected club and the public that all three goalkeepers were Corona-positive on the matchday. Then the FCA would have agreed to relocate the game of course. But This minimum transparency should have been allowed! “

This fact was previously known. Already before the previously laid Dortmund game was communicated that all three goalkeepers are infected. In addition, the information in the Mainz press release for the game laying on Wednesday, the 9th of March – three days before the appointed date of the game. But Hofmann has apparently overlooked that.

Heidel: “Such an inspection would have been a novelty”

The Mainz sports board Christian Heidel had previously considered all differences with FC Augsburg as enlarged. “Much of what we could read about the then situation in the media was complete nonsense,” said Heidel the “Augsburger General”.

The Mainz did not accuse the FCA. “We did not meet the desire for inspection in our application for game laying with all medical data of our players,” explained the sports board. Such an inspection would have been a novelty and completely excluded for legal reasons “.

Heidel emphasized that the game layouts had been inevitable despite the debate for freeds. “We would certainly act again, because the health of our players comes first,” he assured. Everyone was investigated after the freight in the University of Mainz. “As different as the virus has burdened the players, the results of this return-to-play check also fell out. A player has until today’s training ban due to a heart muscle inflammation,” said the Mainz sports chief.