Luca Pfeiffer annoys his goal

It ran the 58th minute, when Nürnberg’s goalkeeper Christian Mathenia wiped a ball only before the foot of Phillip Tietz and shot this out of four meters. Memories were awake to father Andreas, as Pascal Köpke suddenly showed a strong reflex with his arm on the line and rescued.

“Can not buy me from the gate”

KNOTSGEK ???? duel in kolkende Kuip ???? | Samenvatting Feyenoord - Slavia Praag

But the ball only bounced forward, there was Luca Pfeiffer, who finally pushed the leather to the net. Had he did not meet, Köpke would have to see red red. The “Worst Case Scenario”, as Club Trainer Robert Klauß described on the subsequent press conference. Red, penalty, possibly nevertheless the compensation and then over half an hour below would have been for the club.

But Pfeiffer met after he had not met in twelve games before – and instead of the stone that would normally polish down after such a durst track, the Darmstadt annoyed his 13th goalout. “I should have shamped by. I’d like to take the red card and a penalty gate, but then you do not think of it, so I can not buy anything from the gate,” says Pfeiffer at “Sky”, who ultimately 1 : 3 lost and missing the jump to the table peaks.