Efootball 2022: Konami announces version 1.0.0

Light at the end of the tunnel for all PES players. So at least Bayern-Profi Alex Alguacil has posted on Twitter. Today Konami announced his version 1.0.0, which should appear on April 14th. The Japanese game developer has revised a lot – but that was also necessary, the first publication from September of September last year had been assessed as a catastrophic and full of mistakes.

Six months later you are very self-critical at Konami: On the website, the developer asks several times in the published statement. “Efootball 2022”, as PES is now called, gets a all-rounding: the passports are being implemented faster, the graphic better, new mechanics implemented. In detail:

Changes in defensive control and new function “Request Pressure”

In the current version of Efootball, it is difficult to remove the ball to the opponent, so the defensive was revised. With commands over a key press like “Pressing”, “Positioning Game” and Shoulder Rempler “the defender gets many new and previous PES games known options (back) to conquer the ball. In addition, team members can now be prompted to pressure on the opponent exercise.

Improvements to fit and new command “Dreampass”

eFootball 2022 ????Version 1.0. vs Version 0.9 - New Gameplay and Graphics | Fujimarupes

Passes were many times too slow and inaccurate. Thus, Konami has worked for version 1.0.0: the pass speed has been increased, better targets for passports, better KI decision-making in the pass receivers and better movements of the pass receivers.

In addition, “dream passes” should now be possible, which allow passes with different special trajectories. “

New trips for shots

Also for the shots a “dream” version is introduced, which should be significantly more precise. Additionally new:

Better firing speed with focus on realism and satisfaction.

Adapted relationship between shots on the gate to reflect the game activity adequately.

Strategic development through improved dribbling functions

In addition, the players become more agile and the entries with the left stick should become more precise. Even with sprints, players should show better reactions. Likewise, the function “Sharp Adding” will find your way back into the game:

“Other functional improvements include reaction and ball behavior at the new command ‘Sharp Admission’ as well as easier foxing controls. We hope that these adjustments for exciting two-fighting with the opposing defenders.”

Better online connection

After the catastrophic sites and connection stops Konami also had a lot of reconstruction here:

“In order to improve the stability of online connections and reduces the number of invalid games, we have decided to set a client server system from this release. We also continuously work to improve response times in online games,” It is said in the message.

New strategy functions

An important message is hidden Konami under “Strategy Features”. Here you can read that the processor of the console is better utilized in the update, which should lead to shorter loading times. These were also clearly criticized in the current version. In addition, some well-known strategy functions return: “Change Installation”, “Individual Instructions”, “Auto Selection”, “Secondary Tank” and “Data Management” the developer calls here.

Creating a new “dreamteam”

The messages to the dream team read something cryptic. “The previously ‘creative team’ mentioned game mode, where you can build your own personal team, returns as a ‘dreamteam’ in the upcoming update. But not only the name is new. We have also revised many of our original ideas so you really have Your personal dream team can put together, “writes Konami. An indication of a mode like FIFA Ultimate Team? However, it should be possible here to develop your own players and trainers.

As far as the news of Konami, Bayern-Profi Alex Esport also participated in an exclusive hands-on event, and was able to test the innovations on the console. The report will appear tomorrow of Thursday.