Fan protest at the FC Barcelona to Debakel Vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

After the annoyance at the FC Barcelona over tens of thousands of Frankfurt fans at Camp Nou at the 2: 3 bankruptcy in the Europa League, the Ultra Grouping “Grada d’Animacio” has announced to boycott the home game against FC Cadiz this Monday.

“The events of Thursday force us to take action (…) and for that reason, we will not participate in the next match between Barcelona and Cádiz,” it said in the explanation.

“Last Thursday we experienced a day, who is always referred to as the biggest shame that happened in our stadium, and made us a stone guests at the party of another,” it said. The events had been a “social humiliation”.

The fan association “Nostra Ensenya” wants to protest at 20.00 in front of the stadium, an hour before the start of the league game, the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” reported. Instagram called “Nostra Ensenya” the large number of guest fans in the game, where Frankfurt Barça threw from the competition, as a humiliation. The Association raises Club-Boss Joan Laporta to allow this for financial reasons and thus also brought the “physical integrity” of the home fans “in danger”. The Ultras also put the money factor at the center of their criticism.

FC Barcelona vs. Eintracht Frankfurt - Stadionvlog | Wir werden GEDEMÜTIGT ???? | ViscaBarca
Also coach Xavi renewed his criticism on Sunday. The strong presence of the guest fans played a role in the defeat, he said. “The players did not feel well, which does not mean we were not good. But it has negatively influenced us.” Laporta had already announced to sell only personalized tickets in the future at international games. In the stadium of the Catalans, more than 30,000 Eintracht fans were on Thursday, although FC Barcelona had sold only 5000 tickets to Germany according to their own data.