BBL: Shorts Best Offensive Player

With a narrow advantage, TJ Shorts II was chosen the best offensive player of the BBL. The American, which is currently breaking out a shoulder injury, follows on Trae Bell-Haynes, who had also brought this title to Crailsheim in the preseason.

29.27 percent of all voices fell to the only 1.75 meter shorts, which was changed from Hohburg to Hohenlohe in the summer of 2021 and was directly offensive and pivoting the Crailsheimer. In 21 games, shorts had averaging 20.6 points and distributed 7.0 assists.

Behind shorts landed Kamar Baldwin (23.17 percent, BG Göttingen) and Parker Jackson-Cartwright (15.85 percent, Telekom Basquets Bonn) on the other places.

FRAPORT SKYLINERS - Telekom Baskets Bonn | Highlights easyCredit BBL 21/22

Defense: Simon in front of Weiler-Babb

The award for the best defensive player received Justin Simon from the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg, after he had previously won his teammate Yorman Polas Bartolo three times in a row. US wing player Simon got 34.57 percent of all votes. On average, he brought 1.9 steals, 0.8 blocks and 5.8 rebounds to strengthen the defensive of the Baroque towns.

With Nick Weiler-BABB (16.05 percent, Bayern Munich), a guard lands in second place. Three goes to international Max Dileo (8.64 percent, Hamburg Towers).