Practically decided: Konami wants to change his name

Konami plans to change the own company name. However, this is not about a complete rebrand of the company, such as in the case of META or Facebook, but simply the change of the trade name. While Konami was previously officially known as Konami Holdings Corporation , the trade name officially Konami Group Corporation will be officially ** 2022. So fans of the company do not have to get used to a new and possibly abstruse name in the course of a reorientation.

A “Pioneer in the Japanese entertainment industry”

Ultra Rare Konami Famicom Title Found and Dumped

The name change as such was decided in a board meeting. However, this idea must be agreed in an investor meeting at the end of June. In the course of this name change, the company expressed itself as follows:

The company has expanded its businesses as a pioneer in the Japanese entertainment industry and now operates in four business segments: digital entertainment, amusement, gaming and corresponding systems, as well as sport.

For the 50th birthday of the company since its founding, we will change the trade name so that we will continue to accept new challenges and as a sustainable company, in combination with the Group companies, and as a sustainable company. “

Konamis questionable call

Konamis Reputation in the player’s playback is currently everything else than outstanding. Pure cases such as the attempt of concept e-football are just one example of failures. The company, which was originally served at the end of the 1960s as a rental service for music machines, is sitting at its own industry’s largest and most popular brands. Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Castlevania or Contra would only be a few concise examples.

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