THW Kiel vs. TBV Lemgo: Semifinals in DHB

In the semifinals of the DHB Cup, the THW Kiel meets the TBV Lemgo today. The complete encounter we pursue here for you in the live ticker.

The DHB Cup is the first match of the Final Four with the game between the THW Kiel and the TBV Lemgo. Which team can secure the ticket for the final? Here in the live ticker you will learn it.

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THW Kiel vs. TBV Lemgo: Semifinals in the DHB Cup now in the live ticker

Halftime Conclusion: For a break it is in the DHB Cup semi-final between the THW Kiel and the TBV Lemgo 12: 12 draw! The Team of Florian Kehrmann is mainly due to its own opportunity recycling, because the Ostwestfalen dismissed the best ways in the final phase of this passage. Even THW goalkeepers Niklas Landin shone one or the other time and made sure that the North Germans are not behind behind. Until then, the defense of the Lemgoer is very compact and makes the throwing back of the zebras not really come to the train.

30.: end 1st half

30.: Tor for THW Kiel, 12: 12 by Miha Zarabec. Instead, Miha Zarabec marked the compensation for the zebras from a half-right situation.

30.: Oh! After a mistake of Steffen Weinhold, Gedón Guardiola lets the next thick thing of the TBV in the presence.

29.: Madness! For the third time, Bjarki Mar Elisson is completely blank, the third time shows Niklas Landin an outstanding reaction and defends the litter.

28.: Timeout TBV Lemgo Lippe! Florian Kehrmann also drums his team shortly before the semifinished pause for the first time before the bank. The East Westphalia present here in a strong constitution here.

28.: Tor for THW Kiel, 11: 12 by Niclas Ekberg. A tempo shot of Niclas Ekberg punishes a ball loss of the Lemgoer.

27.: Tor for THW Kiel, 10:12 by Magnus Landin. Steffen Weinhold is optimally attached to the circle to the recent Magnus Landin.

27.: Timeout THW Kiel! Due to the strong phase of the Ostwestfalen, Filip Jicha draws the emergency brake and is reassuringly on his team.

26.: Tor for TBV Lemgo Lippe, 9: 12 by Gedón Guardiola. The third parade of Finn Zecher introduces the successful counterstaff over Gedón Guardiola.

25.: Tor for TBV Lemgo Lippe, 9: 11 by Bjarki Mar Elisson. Bjarki Mar Elisson places a seven meter in the right halfway corner.

24.: Finn Zecher has apparently arrived in the game and nails his box against Harald Reinkind too.

23.: Tor for TBV Lemgo Lippe, 9: 10 by Bobby Schagen. A litter of Bobby Schagen lands in the left corner and brings Lemgo to lead again.

23.: And Finn Zecher sets the first exclamation mark immediately after a substitution! The goalkeeper stops a degree from Domagoj Duvnjak in the Tormitte.

22.: TBV coach Florian Kehrmann exchanges between the post – Finn Zech replaces now Peter Johannesson.

22.: Tor for THW Kiel, 9: 9 by Patrick Wiencek. Compensation for the favorites! Patrick Wienekek completes a tempo shock spotless.

21.: Tor for THW Kiel, 8: 9 by Hendrik Pekeler. On the circle Hendrik Pekeler records his first goal success at this afternoon.

21.: Tor for TBV Lemgo Lippe, 7: 9 Due to Lukas. Lukas Zerbe jumps out of the right corner into the circle and bugs the ball into the housing of the keel.

20.: Second ticket for Sander Sagosen, who pounds a spinal completion on the right post.

19.: Tor for TBV Lemgo Lippe, 7: 8 by Tim Suton. From the middle Tim Suton balances the ball untouchable for Nikla’s land in the stitches.

18.: Tor for THW Kiel, 7: 7 by Domagoj Duvnjak. Domagoj Duvnjak ends the short mistake festival with a hit of six meters.

17.: Same duel, same result – again Bjarki Mar Elisson fails pretty freestanding to Niklas Landin.

17.: Niklas Landin gradually moves off a try of Torjäger Bjarki Mar Elisson, who was previously not significant in action.

16.: Sander sagoses later pulls a few moments later against Peter Johannesson the shorter.

15.: Under distress, circular runners Patrick Wiencek sets a litter to the left post.

14.: Tor for TBV Lemgo Lippe, 6: 7 by Andreas Cedrholm. The TBV plays patient until the door for Andreas Cedrholm opens on the half-right position.

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13.: Tor for THW Kiel, 6: 6 by Sander Sagosen. Sander Sagosen achieved from the distance already his third goal of the game.

13.: 2 minutes for Lukas Hutecek (TBV Lemgo Lippe)

12.: Tor for TBV Lemgo Lippe, 5: 6 by Peter Johannesson. As a block of Frederik Simak, Peter Johannesson is entering the scorer list.

11.: Tor for TBV Lemgo Lippe, 5: 5 by Lukas Hutecek. Lukas Hutecek dumps half-law at the circle and throws smoothly in the half-high right corner.

11.: 2 minutes for Niklas Landin (THW Kiel). Next amendment for the team of Filip Jicha, because Niklas Landin undergoes a change.

10.: Tor for THW Kiel, 5: 4 by Sander Sagosen. Sander Sagosen breaks through half-links and overcomes Peter Johannesson.

Sorry, we had technical problems, but now again very close!

4: 4: Kiel aligns.

3: 4: Lemgo is in the lead.

3: 3: Lemgo resembles.

3: 2: Kiel is in the lead.

2: 2: Kiel aligns.

1: 2: Lemgo is in the lead.

1: 1: Lemgo aligns.

1: 0: Kiel is in the lead.

Answer: Let’s go!

Before starting: Over the past year, the THW Kiel met the TBV Lemgo in the semifinals of the DHB Cup final Four. Lemgo gained the game in the end conceivable just 29:28 and was able to crown in the final as a trophy winner. The favorite is still the THW today. Kiel is currently in the league table rank two, the TBV Lemgo, on the other hand, only in nine place. Which team can reach the final today and then fight the title tomorrow?

Before starting: The semi-final of the DHB Cup starts today at 13.30 in the Barclays Arena in Hamburg.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the game between the THW Kiel and the TBV Lemgo.

THW Kiel vs. TBV Lemgo: Semifinals in DHB Cup today live in the TV and Livestream

Sky shows the semi-final part between the THW Kiel and the TBV Lemgo today live in the TV and Livestream. The pay-TV transmitter starts its transfer to SKY SPORT NEWS (HD) _ today at 13.00 clock with the preliminary game. From 13.30 clock then comment on Jens West and Stefan Kretzschmar for _SKY the game.

With the SKY go_app or the _sky ticket you can also follow the encounter live and full length. There you can see the game in the LiveStream at SKY.

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Date Time Team 1 Team 2 transmission
23. April 2022 13.30 THW Kiel TBV Lemgo Lippe SKY SPORT NEWS HD
23. April 2022 16.10 SC Magdeburg HC Erlangen SKY Sport 9 (HD), ARD, SportSchau.de