VfL Wolfsburg | Kohfeldt warns: Kruse

Even if Trainer Florian Kohfeldt is still warns: After the 5-0 victory against Mainz 05, the VfL Wolfsburg can intensify his first league planning shortly before the end of a turbulent season.

The fans of VfL Wolfsburg already celebrated the league and triple scorer Max Kruse, but Trainer Florian Kohfeldt, but rather stepped on the brake and did not want to know anything about early rescue. “It was an important victory, but computational we have to clear the class yet,” said the coach after the 5-0 (5: 0) success for a FSV Mainz 05 overburdened this evening.

And because the 39-year-old one year after his descent with Werder Bremen wants to avoid a renewed such disappointment, he was also trying to capture the hype about Kruse in the best possible way: “That Max shoots three goals, one should not hang too high, even if They were very nice. “

Kohfeldt probably already suspected that the ex-national player would rate the current Florianing situation with the Lower Saxony a bit loose – and he kept right. “We definitely gave us air,” said the striker at the “Dazn” microphone and added widely grinning: “There are worse starts in the weekend.”

Of course, it is also: Before the descent, the North Germans are as good as saved, yet it is and remains a messed season. When Champions League participants and as Bundesliga leader launched in the season, the factory club found neither under Kohfeldt nor under its predecessor Mark van Bommel athletic into the track. Added to this was the embarrassing first-off in the DFB Cup after a changeover error of the Dutch.

Svensson Sauer: “An absolute impudence”

“The season did not run,” Team captain took Koen Castels a little biting, but it also clearly made it important to leave the playing time: “We should finish the year with something positive.” Otherwise, at the factory club discussions about Kohfeldt, even at class retention are reassured.

Lichterloh burned and burned in Mainz, the team of coach Bo Svensson can be glad to have already 39 points in the account after five winless games. Nevertheless, the Dane was about the way his team in Wolfsburg revealed in her fate, extremely indignantly.

“Especially the first half was an absolute impudence. We will have to talk about it internally,” the 42-year-old raged. Defender Stefan Bell voted his coach at the “Dazn” microphone almost minor: “In the first half we were not present for 20 minutes and paid a lot of apprenticeship.”