Digital Innovation Liability Science and Technology Senior Secretary

Korea SW Industry Association, etc. 17 organizations of the domestic ICT industry should be installed on the 25th, “Digital Innovation, Science and Technology Senior Secretary (in the Presidential Office).”

As a result, it was a situation that the control tower of this field was necessary because there is no ICT general organization in the New Government Room.

The Ahn, Cheol-soo, the chairperson of the Arts, said on the 24th, “We can reflect sufficiently in the future process in the future,” he said.

However, it is a situation that the new government should be watching how much the industry is to meet.


The 17 organizations of the ICT industry are “ahead of the new government,” now, now, in the future, in Korea, there are several opportunities in both in and outside of the world. “

In addition, “President of the President of the president has announced the economic vision of ‘Digital Frequency Country’, in relation to the future of Korea, and presented six practical strategies,” said the election process.

They are particularly “AI) industrial fostering and software (SW) industrial development, highly integrated digital infrastructure (5G, 6G), digital fusion industry support, cyber inner prospects, and 1 million digital human resources, etc. The expectation of the innovation country, which leads to the platform government, “” I am a preemptive response, especially how to organize these economic visions, especially, especially the national and diversity of various fields, · We have claimed to be a powerful control tower with government organizations that can be implemented. “

These organizations concluded, “In the new government, a new government to go to innovation countries, and the” Science and Technology Senior Secretary “,” Science and Technology Senior Secretary ” I appealed to the Digital Licking Country ‘I promise to make efforts to achieve it for achieving. “

The Korea SW Industry Association, Korea Information Broadcasting Communications, SW District Combination, Korea IT Service Industry Association, Korea SW Testing Association, Korea SW Copyright Association, Korea Commercial SW Association, Korea Information Industry Cooperative, Korea Information and Communications Technology Association, Korea Cloud Industry Association, Korea Information Protection Industry Association, Korea IT Business Promotion Association, Korea SW Technology Promotion Association, Korea SW • ICT General Conference, and Korea Information Industry Association, etc.