Everyone is talking about the THW: Kiel succeeds in the change?

Six points residue in the league, two superstars rely in the foreseeable future the club, a change is inevitable in the medium term inevitably, in the Champions League the high hurdle of Paris in the quarterfinals in front of the chest. The THW Kiel could urgently need a good news in these days – but it can also produce themselves on the weekend.

At the REWE FINAL FOUR in Hamburg, the “Zebras” will meet in the first semi-final on Saturday (13.30, live! At Champions League) on the TBV Lemgo Lippe. A feasible task for the significantly better occupied THW. But there was something. On 3 June of last year, both teams were once again compared to the Cup semi-final. At the break, the German record champion with 18:11 led, everything looked after a sovereign final deduction. Wrong thought. The Ostwestfalen won still with 29:28 – and later the trophy.

That was unique. And it should stay once unique.

Niclas Ekberg

“I am at Thw since 2012. I can not remember that it has not given competitive in this decade neither before that such an encounter for us,” says right outside Niclas Ekberg in the HBL conversation: “In such a starting position, as a favorite In a K.-O. game to lose after such a clear lead – that was unique. And it’s supposed to stay unique. “

Bell Kiel at least one title chance for the SCM?

This season Kiel and Lemgo already crossed the blades in three competitive games. The tight Supercup triumph of the THW at the beginning of September (30:29) followed a draw in mid-October (21:21). In the last game of the past calendar year Kiel then made the muscles play and made the TBV at home at 32:19.

This dominance rarely radiate the northern Germans even because of large loads. Magdeburg has expired the “Zebras” in the league currently. Six points behind speak a clear language. Only too likely to be the THW the SCM, which meets HC in the second semi-finals, follow the HC in a possible “dream final” – and the crew of coach Bennet weighs at least one title chance.

According to the fixed disposals of Sander Sagosen and Niklas Landin in the summer of 2023, however, the topic of upheaval – and how it could be to be mastered – like a veil over Kiel. “What hurts is the departure of Sander Sagosen. This is a world star who is young, who is a brand for himself,” says Frank Bohmann in the Champions League interview from the point of view as HBL managing director: “The THW is the same Or so give a generational change in the next few years, this will succeed in the responsible person in Kiel. “

The keel situation is also observed in the direct competition. The Füchse Berlin, who had to give up two of the THW by their most recent draw against Hanover-Burgdorf, belong to this. Managing Director Bob Hanning does not believe in a break in the production master before 2023. “Kiel will play an outstanding season again, I’m sure,” he writes in his Champions League column with a view of the season 2022/23.

Breakdancing Landin - Kiel goalkeeper stops a penalty in crazy way | VELUX EHF Champions League
Before it goes to the summer break and on Kiel’s Managing Director Viktor Szilagyi, who has to tackle the team of the future, a lot of work waits, the THW wants to win titles. Below two. With DHB and Champions League Cup in the hand, it would even be a very successful season in the end. Then waiting for the waiting for the next bad news.