Meppen saved: Büning meets the front and your own network

Cologne’s coach Olaf Janßen took over after the 2: 4 defeat at 1. FC Magdeburg – it was the last point game of the Domstädter – four starting eleven changes: Siebert (5th yellow card), Fritz, Buballa and Philipp (5th yellow card ) were replaced by May, cracks, Jastremski and Marseiler.

Meppens Coach Rico Schmitt exchanged three times compared to the 1-1 win over Dortmund II: Käuper, Ametov and Guder started instead of Egerer, Hemlein and Feigenspan.

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Bünning meets in Cologne’s urgent phase

The Viktoria was immediately in the game and developed some chances. Marseiler (3rd) and Sontheimer (4th) failed due to the well-placed SVM goalkeeper Harsman. Cologne remained more active, but was suddenly behind: the Bünning, which was moved in by a standard, skillfully pressed the ball into the goal for Meppen (11th) by the short distance from a short distance.

The hosts did not seem shocked at first. But Jastremski (15th) and Handle (18th) also found their master in Harsman. Then the game flattened out something, Dombrowka (37th) and Risse (40th) left two good chances shortly before the break.

Bünning in your own goal to 1-1

After the change of sides, Cologne quickly came to equalize, but benefited from an own goal: Bünning – in the first round still scorer for his colors – headed a Sontheimer flank into his own network (49.).

Meppen shook himself briefly – and now the focus was on Viktoria keeper Nicolas, the Faßbenders (58th), Guders (58.) and Bünning’s degrees (59.). Then the game flattened out, also due to some changes and playback errors on both sides. Substitute Hong ensured a little revitalization, but whose best chance by header was just pre -passed (69.).

SV Meppen is finally saved and will also play in the 3rd division in the coming season. Viktoria Cologne, on the other hand, still has to look down and only has five points ahead. The Domstadt residents will compete in Halle next Saturday (2 p.m.). At the same time, Meppen receives the Würzburger Olaf Janßens.