Only Bremen and Schalke are better than the SV Sandhausen

“It was an enormously important victory for us and a huge step towards relegation,” Keeper Patrick Drewes, who played a strong game and is in the today team of the game day, quotes on the club website. However, the goalkeeper lifts the warning finger: “But we are not yet mathematically through, but we have now also increased the pressure for Dresden with the victory. We still have to step on the gas!”

With eight points ahead and three outstanding games, however, it can be planned for another second division season. Especially under the premise that the 16th Dresden has not yet won a game in the second half of the season. “It was a huge step towards relegation today. What the team did after the winter break is incredible. Before the performance today and before the overall performance I can only do my hat,” enthused President Jürgen Machmeier.

What Sandhausen has been tearing off after winter is really worthy of all honors. Because the SVS is in third place in the second round table, only the heavyweights Bremen and Schalke collected more points. In addition, the underdog repeatedly proved to be a stumbling block for the big ones in the league. Against St. Pauli, Darmstadt and Bremen there was a 1-1, now a 4-2 victory in Nuremberg.

“Of course that’s outstanding”: Four goals after corners

The Kurpfälzer on Sunday in Franconia was by no means the better team, after the course of the game the club should have been the winner. But Nuremberg missed too many chances, even missed a penalty. And then the guests met a whopping and writing four times after a corner. “Of course this is outstanding. We train our own corner balls very often. The balls have come and I have to praise my teammates, they did it very well in the center today,” said Chima Okoroji, who brought all four standards inside. “Due to our height in the center, standards can generally be a large weapon for us.”

Does Schalke also have to believe it?

FC Schalke 04 – SV Werder Bremen Highlights 2. Bundesliga, 31. Spieltag | Sportschau
And coach Alois Schwartz was also full of praise for the performance: “A big compliment to my team. I can only pull the hat on how she presented itself again today. Everyone who was here has seen a great game. Important. Important game. Was today that we always believed in this victory. That was a bigger step towards us today. ” Of course, the coach now wants to fix everything very professionally. “Now we still have three games in front of our chest and of course want to do our homework,” said Schwartz. The best thing to do is on Friday in the home game against Schalke. Königsblau is currently second in the table, urgently needs a threesome in the promotion race. Do you make it better than the competition from Bremen, St. Pauli, Darmstadt and Nuremberg? The narrows are likely to be warned of the SVS and its standards.