Lost Ark updates roadmap for the summer of 2022

My.Games, executing the role of the publisher of the Russian-speaking version of MMORPG LOST ARK , published the update roadmap for the next few months.

Judging by the material, very soon (namely, in May), the project fans waiting for a trip to the new Content Roven, access to which the players will receive the players who pump their outfit up to 1445 levels. In June, everyone will be able to touch the new class by the artist, and in July, a new arena will be available to PVP-content admirers to the battle of 48 people.

The Future of LOST ARK. 2022 Roadmap Recap

In the same month, the developers will delight us with a certain summer entertainment, for participating in which you can get a lot of interesting awards. Read more about updates here.