OverVATCH 2: Invitations to the closed beta go out today

Today it is finally time to ship the invitations for the first closed test run of OverVATCH 2 and all participants can start directly.
Andy Belford, Senior Community Manager at Blizzard, said in a twitch stream, the closed beta is unlocked and on the same day will then also send the invitations to all those who have registered and chosen.

Overwatch 2: First Impressions - Closed Alpha Test

“Basically, we turn off the beta and then we start a script that grants all access to which we grant access.”
Of course, this procedure has the consequence that not all will receive your invitation at the same time, as a list is processed from top to bottom.
All of whom access is granted getting a first impression of the new heroine soyn and will be able to play the revised versions of Sombra, Bastion, Doomfist and Orisa and in addition to some old maps four new ones.