The next German dreams of the NFL

Maybe Marcel Dabo takes a small abbreviation in the NFL. The 22-year-old from Reutlingen has chances of being selected by a team at the draft of the National Football League.

He is young enough and promising enough that the teams from the best league in the world have become aware of him.

But even if none of the 32 teams hit one of the six rounds on weekends, the defender, who played for Stuttgart Surge in the European League of Football last season, gets his chance of the NFL.

Through the funding program for international talents (IPP), he can at least promote at least one year in a training squad.

The NFL draft begins on Friday night and then goes for three days. You have chances of being selected by a team, but are at home in Reutlingen – do the three days or what is the plan for the weekend?

I am in contact with my agent in the USA, which helps me and also keeps contact with the teams. I listen completely to him. It may be that I only look at the last day of the draft. This will crystallize this week and then I will make a decision and will definitely be on call.

What would it mean if they are drafted?

I personally think: Hey, I want to go to the NFL, I want to make it into the league. I don’t really care. If the draft does not work, there is still the International Pathway player program, as it was planned anyway, or the opportunity to sign as a free agent. I want the ticket to the league and when I am in the league and in the rookie-minicamp, it starts for me.

Do you sometimes have to pinch yourself to be in this position at all?

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No, to be honest not. I already know what’s going on. Sure, it is a bit surreal everything because it was so quick for me. But I think I am quite good in the meantime not to make it bigger than it is. Above all, because everyone only feels about the draft and it can be good that I am not drafted at all. If that happens, it is not downfall or bad sign at all.

Should it not work with the draft, how will it continue in the weeks after?

It is then decided relatively promptly which player from the IPP comes to which team, or which team wants which player. The United States is also quite quick, probably at the end of next week or the week after.

To the person: Marcel Dabo (22), as a footballer, has taken a remarkable development. As an exchange student at a high school, he plays for the first time, in his first eleven season for the Stuttgart Surge he is elected as the best new defender in the league. The next step is now in the NFL.