From the 2023 season: Riot Games announces future plans for the Valorant

Riot Games sets the course for the future for Valorant’s eSport. The developer studio announced changes today for the 2023 season. This affects the leagues, modes and the orientation.

Among other things, there will be three new international leagues in which the best teams in the world are to compete against each other every week. As long as health and security measures allow, teams from America, Europe and Asian offline should play in front of a live audience. In the course of the year, the best teams of each league qualify for two international Masters events and Valorant Champions, where a single team is named valorant world champion.

In addition, a new competitive mode is launched directly in the client. The most promising talents should be emerged on the global level. The new game variant complements existing leaderboard and is intended to give fans a new goal beyond the ranking.

generate role models for the future

In addition to the international leagues, there will also be fresh national leagues. The best teams of competitive mode in the game can compete against the best of their region as part of the respective national leagues.

In addition, Riot Games also takes a new path when aligned and would like to do without admission or participation fees for selected organizations. The goal: binding partners in the long term and offering eSport stability.

The new plans illustrated. Riot Games

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“With Valorant, in addition to an exciting eSport, we would also like to build ambitious, efficiently managed teams that can serve as a model for the industry.” Explains Whalen Rozelle, Head of Esports Operations at Riot Games and adds: “In order to ensure the success of our long-term partners, we do not use admission or participation fees for selected organizations. Our partners should be able to support their resources in the support of their professionals To invest and to expand their fan andes with incredible content. “