Dofus: New treasure hunting fights

With the maintenance of the week, the treasure hunts on Dofus have evolved slightly. For various reasons, the traditional trunk is withdrawing. However, the fight remains in another form.

Dofus: New Treasure hunts fights

Since their arrival, the treasure hunts have been a special final fight. A chest was waiting for you at the last milestone, and was rather powerful. It could not be done simply and asked for a slight stuff. Despite all that, they were no longer enough for the Bots , passing through waves in front of the treasure trunk.

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Thus, last Tuesday, Ankama struck a big blow. After a recasting of the search feature with new indices with the 2.63 update, the teams this time redesigned the fight against the trunk. This transforms into very very and wins a new mechanics.

The idea is to offer a semi -random fight that bots cannot so easily solve. No need for stuff, you will just have to type the right trunk to reduce the main enemy’s life to 0.

The modification is significant, and for once rather positive even for players. The fight is simplified for the new ones and offers a more pleasant alternative while fighting, eternally, against the bots. The coming weeks will tell us if this solution is really effective.