Kia brings the sport with plugs

Plug-in hybrids have achieved significant growth figures in recent years and months. The part -time power could benefit from the generous support. The KIA Sportage, which is now introduced, is also subsidized with 7177 euros, which is made up of 4500 euros in a state premium and 2250 euros in manufacturers plus VAT. This reduces the base price of the new model version, which starts with all -wheel drive and extensive equipment, from 44,390 euros to 37,212 euros – at least according to the current state of affairs, because from 2023 it should be over with the federal grant.

the battery needs space

The fifth generation of the Sportage, which is driven at the beginning of the year, which acts as a SUV bestseller of the brand, brings with it a number of good properties. With almost identical external dimensions, the 4.52 -meter -long model offers more space in the interior in the previous comparison, especially in the rear with the tilt -adjustable rear seat backrests, and in the luggage compartment. This also applies to the plug-in hybrid (PHEV), only small compromises have to be made due to the accommodation of the battery: 591 liters are available instead of 591 liters, a maximum of 1715 liters. The standard roof rails offers further transport options. The PHEV 750 to 1350 kilos Sportage can take on the hooks.

Life makes life easy: modern, clearly structured cockpit layout. Manufacturer

Visually, KIA’s compact SUV appears with a modified front, shaped by the LED daytime running lights in a boomerang form. For the first time, the sports days are offered in two-tone with black roof, available in the PHEV version in the GT-Line packets. Inside, the 12.3-inch screen of the navigation and the optional, fully digital combination instrument caught the eye under arched panoramic las. After a short getting used to, the driver finds the driver well with the handling, which also contributes to the control bar under the touchscreen.

the strongest in the program

Electrically, the new member of the Sportage series can drive 70 kilometers quickly and 140 km/h after a practical WLTP standard. In combination with the 70 kW/91 hp electric motor, a 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine with 132 kW/180 hp works under the front hood. The system output is 195 kW/265 hp, the PHEV is therefore the strongest motorization of the entire row. The electricity flows from a lithium-ion polymer battery with 13.8 kWh. For the combined standard consumption, 1.1 liters of fuel and 16.9 kWh of electricity are 100 km and a CO2 emissions of 26 grams per kilometer in the data sheet.

Now also with license plates E: New Sportage generation. Manufacturer

The charging of 10 to 100 percent takes place at a correspondingly powerful connection (at 7.2 kW maximum power consumption) in one hour and 45 minutes; There are two hours and 45 minutes on the Wallbox to calculate around five hours at the household socket.

traction on mud, sand and snow

The 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid Is A Roomy & Efficient Electrified Family SUV

In 8.2 seconds, the plug-in hybrid, which is equipped with six-step automatic, accelerates to 100 km/h, the top speed is 191 km/h. A little spoiled by the battery -electrical electricity, some may expect more power at the traffic light start, and there is also that the engine sounds strained during the sprint. In the “Sport” setting, the all-wheel drive reacts more dynamically, the new “Terrain Mode” function is intended to provide intensive traction on sand, mud and snow. The chassis, which KIA basically tailored to comfortable suspension/damping and less for sportiness, should appeal to the majority of the clientele.

Optional: switch for driving modes, terrain (terrain) and purely electric driving (EV). Manufacturer

The standard equipment of the sports design with the connector includes the cloud-based online navigation including “Kia-Connect”. Here, for example, charging stations and other functions are called up via the app. A lot is also already standard on board, including three-zone automatic climate control, reversing camera, seat heating at the front and rear and, last but not least, LED headlights, adaptive dual LEDs are available in the “Spirit” package. In addition, the PHEV variant is rolling on 19-inch alloy wheels. The “Spirit” package costs 3700 euros surcharge, the “GT-Line” 5900 euros.

The driver is supported by modern assistance systems, sometimes they come optionally on board. Standard includes assistants for traffic jams, also turning and cross-traffic detection, a lane keeping system, front collision warning, automatic highlighting and the navigation-based adaptive speed control.

timely delivery?

Once again on the funding situation: As could be heard on the edge of the Sportage performance, the Korean manufacturer and the German import company are already preparing for the end of subsidization. At Kia and the sister brand Hyundai, preparations are made to ensure the ability to deliver in good time in the event of the case. Hyundai has already acted; Private customers of certain electrical and PHEV models receive delivery before the end of the year, provided that the purchase contract is signed up to a certain date. In the case of the Hyundai Tucson Pheev Sportage sister model, this is May 31, for example.

Confidence-building measure: Kia grants a seven-year guarantee. Manufacturer

The sports days are built in Zilina in Slovak. The seven-year guarantee also applies to the drive battery. In addition to the plug-in hybrid, the fifth model generation also includes mild hybrid petrol engines and diesel drives with front or all-wheel drive.

Ingo Reuss

Kia Sportage Plug-in-Hybrid shortly:

When he comes: can already be ordered

Who he is targeting: The PHEV versions of Hyundai Tucson, Cupra Formentor, VW Tiguan, Peugeot 3008 or Opel Grandland

What drives him: 1.6-l-four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 132 kW/180 hp, electric motor with 70 kW/91 hp. System performance 195 kW/265 hp.

What it costs: from 44,390 euros