FC Schalke 04 | Knäbel: Büskens will sit on the bench, but.

On Saturday evening, Mike Büskens led FC Schalke 04 to the Bundesliga. Nevertheless, the 54-year-old will no longer be the head coach of the narrow in the coming season. The affirmed Mikes director Peter Knäbel.

“Mike did an incredible job. He is the face of this grandiose end of the season. But this path did not even start with the change of coach,” said Knäbel in the “Bild” show “League XXL” and added: ” Have decided on the Schalke path, including Gerald Asamoah and the two will of course be preserved in these functions. Buyo will sit on the bench, but in a different function, that has long been discussed. “

Büskens also made it clear on Sunday in the “Doppelpass”: “I said from the start that I would like to continue working as a co-coach.”

The search for a new head coach on Schalke is already in full swing. After the Gelsenkirchner Association, including Büskens, had eight different coaches on the sidelines in the past five years, the next coach should definitely work in the long term. “The one who follows Buyo has to be really good,” said Schröder clearly a few weeks ago.

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Stevens Schalke from Büskens

S04 legend Huub Stevens recently advised against going to the Bundesliga season with Büskens as head coach. “Mike should be an assistant again and you should get a new coach,” he said in an interview with “Sky”.

The Schalke club icon does not believe that the new man could have a problem with the long shadow of Büskens. “The two can have a conversation and then the new trainer will already see what an assistant he has by his side,” said Stevens.

However, the occupation of the coaching position on Schalke is “not easy. It is complex, there is always pressure. You have to bring performance, give everything, be a role model for the players”.