NBA Playoffs: Makes Demonstration! Golden State Warriors disassemble Memphis grizzlies into all individual parts

The Golden State Warriors grabbed the 2-1 series management with a magnificent performance. After a partly driving first quarter, the Warriors rolled over helpless Memphis Grizzlies and won with 142: 112. At Memphis, Morant is injured in the final phase.

The three guards of the Warriors were again unstoppable, Stephen Curry (30, 7/14 FG, 14/14 ft), Jordan Poole (27, 11/17, 3/5 threesome) and Klay Thompson (21, 8/13, 9 rebounds) scored 78 points, and Andrew Wiggins (17, 7/10) and Otto Porter Jr. (13, 5/7, +30) were also convincing, so that the game was already decided three quarters, even if some starters stayed on the field for a while.

The grizzlies showed a disastrous idea on the defensive without their best Guard Stopper Dillon Brooks. Steven Adams was available again after his Corona infection, but was only used in the Garbage Time. Yes Morant scored 34 points (13/21 FG, 4/7 threesome), distributed 7 assists and got 3 steals, but little came from the rest of the grizzlies. Jaren Jackson Jr. (15, 4/8 threes) started Stark, but later dipped completely. Desmond Bane posted 16 points (5/10). To make matters worse, Morant was injured in the fourth quarter on the knee, there is still no diagnosis for the star of the grizzlies.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr brought a little surprisingly rookie Jonathan Kuminga as a starter for Poole, but the first accents set the guests. Memphis sank six threes in the first five minutes (2x Morant and JJJ), while the Warriors were partly by the ball. Curry had to give up the ball again and again. This created space for others, all eight players had at least one FG after a quarter. Curry was the last, his threesome was the end of the section, the grizzlies led with 28:26.

Warriors show after a weak first quarter

The guests remained terrifyingly toothless in the minutes without morant (17: 5 run of the dubs), while the Warriors met almost everything if a turnover did not go. But even with Morant, the grizzlies against the hosts’ zone defense had great difficulties, while everything continued with Golden State. Even Porter Jr. netted a threesome again. And Wiggins also convinced, shortly before the break, the Canadian got a two-digit tour with an And-1-dark, but the end pointed Morant with a half-court shot with the buzzer. Golden State only led 64:57.

After the change, however, the dubs continued where they stopped. Thompson met two fast threesome, curry cracked gaps with penetration. An 18: 4 run in the first four minutes quickly caused clear conditions. It was a demonstration of power by the Warriors, Thompson now hit one -legged threesome and golden state got a good throw in almost every possession. After three quarters, the 100 points were cracked and at that time the game was already heading for the Garbage Time (101: 80).

But the starters stayed on it and so Poole could let off steam. The Guard made 9 points in a row, including a crashing dark. A little later, Kyle Anderson picked up an ejector after two technical fouls, a little later the reservists of both teams finally came.

the most important statistics

Golden State Warriors (3) – Memphis Grizzlies (2) 142: 112 (boxcore), series: 2-1

  • They had to attribute themselves that the Warriors only led with 7 points at the break. As a team, the Dubs met 70.3 percent in the first 24 minutes. The grizzlies only grabbed 9 defensive rebounds. However, the Warriors also made 14 (!) Ball losses in the first half, which shouldn’t actually happen.
  • And it also got better, in the third quarter the thubs played almost flawlessly (the first loss of ball came after 9 minutes). Golden State won the section 37:23, even if they “only” met 56.5 percent out of the field. The Guard trio from Curry, Thompson and Poole only booked 26 points and thus more than all of the grizzlies.
  • In the end, the Warriors stood out of the field (53/84) at 63.1 percent, which was only outbid in the playoff history. The Celtics, which sank 67 percent against Knicks in 1990, continue to hold the record. When it comes to true shooting (76.1 percent), it was still a playoff best if you cling to Orlando’s bubble. Only a few days earlier, the Phoenix Suns had broken the record in game 2 against Dallas (75.7).
  • Memphis’ greatest strength does not come into its own in this series, probably also because Steven Adams fell from the rotation with Steven Adams. For the third time, the grizzlies lost the duel under the boards (29:38), seven offensive rebounds were far too little when Golden State hits as well as that evening.
  • Jonathan Kuminga also wrote history. At the age of 19 and 213, the rookie is the youngest player in the NBA history, who was ever allowed to start in a playoff game. The forward ultimately only played 17 minutes and upholstered his points account in the garbage time a little. 18 counters (8/10) are impressive. By the way, Kuminga replaces Thaddeus Young, who was almost 100 days older for the Sixers in 2008 than the Warriors winger.

the star of the game: Andrew Wiggins

At this point, every Warriors player can actually stand, but we choose Wiggins here who played his best game of this PostSeason. Not only did he made it morant as difficult as possible, but was also very active. Both three fell, he kept moving well and ran Kluge cuts. His dark, when he had Brandon Clarke bounced off in the style of LeBron James, was a real highlight.

Inside the NBA reacts to Warriors vs Grizzlies Game 2 Highlights | 2022 NBA Playoffs

The flop of the game: Brandon Clarke

The Warriors again managed to contain its production on the offensive board. So Clarke had another difficult stand and was played off the field. In 17 minutes the Canadian came to just 4 points (1/4) and 2 rebounds, plus 3 fouls and by far the worst plus minus of all players (-24).

the scene of the game

There was not much to celebrate for the grizzlies, so Morant gets the honor at this point. The Point Guard again met four three, including this Halfcourt shot at the end of the first half. What do we learn from it? Don’t pay attention to the odds, just stick to it if there is a chance.

NBA Playoffs: Grizzlies vs. Warriors – The series at a glance

Game Date Time Home About result
1 1. May 9:30 p.m. Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors 116: 117
2 4. May 3.30 a.m. Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors 106: 101
3 8th. May 2.30 a.m. Golden State Warriors Memphis Grizzlies 142: 112
4 10. May 4 o’clock Golden State Warriors Memphis Grizzlies
5 12. May 3.30 a.m. Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors
6* 14. May TBD Golden State Warriors Memphis Grizzlies
7* 17. May TBD Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors

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