[Landscape] Laboratory open to Daejeon Expo! Eternal Return Masters Final site

With the sunny weather in the warm spring and hot summer, the 2022 Eternal Return Masters MAY finals held at Daejeon Esports Stadium Daejeon Dream Arena ended safely. The match was held by the group league, wild card and finals from May 5 to May 8 after the May 1 preliminary.

In addition, many courses and visitors visited the offline finals as regulations on Corona 19 were loosened due to the suspension of the defense pass and the release of social distance. Even the competitions in the provinces are not common, but it was enough to fill the stadium. In addition, this competition was co -hosted by Nim Neuron, Kakao Games, and The Play, and was held under the support of the Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency.

Night lights at the Expo Bridge| Daejeon, South Korea

In addition, there were various events from the Cheerpool events prepared by fans before the start of the game, on -site squad events that played the Eternal Return directly on site, and the Lumia Island educational examination that showcases game -related knowledge. If you return the Eternal, you can meet people with each other.

In the finals of the hot heat, ‘Give Dundun Bread’ a player with a 15 -kill 255 point, ‘9Work’ players 166 points, and ‘Handong Grami’ played 5 kills 114 points, respectively. I took it. Before and end the finals, let’s meet the final scenery of Daejeon Dream Arena in the photo!