OWL 2022: Top tournament finds in Overwatch 2

Overwatch was a big hit for Activision Blizzard and one of the titles of the game company that could establish themselves in the eSport. Now the successor “Overwatch 2” has arrived in the beta phase, the complete publication is scheduled to take place in 2023.

The professionals have already fallen into the new game. With the regular season of the Overwatch League 2022, the first competition started.

What changes with Overwatch 2?

The two games are basically very similar. Overwatch 2 is not an all -round renewal of the game principle, a large part of the established content can also be found in the successor. Nevertheless, there are some differences that the professionals still have to get used to.

The most important innovation is the reduction of the teams, from formerly six players on each page to five per selection. There is also a new mode, new cards and playable heroes. The old cards and heroes were also changed for the successor, sometimes significant.

In addition, the game is still in a test phase and therefore changes steadily. During the tournament series, new strategies, team compositions and constellations can be expected regularly.

on online qualifier follows offline tournament

The so -called “Kickoff Clash”, which started on May 5, started the beginning of the OWL 2022 season. First, all teams play against each other in a qualifier round that takes place online. This is followed by an offline tournament from June 2nd to 5th. In this mode, the remaining three tournaments of this season should also run before the big play-offs start.

The “Kickoff Clash” is divided into two divisions, west and east, with or 13 and seven teams per division. The western part has already opened the season, in the east it starts on May 13th. The game is played for a price pool of $ 225,000.

Overwatch League 2022 Season | Opening Weekend | Day 4 — West

strong debut for Shock and Gladiators

In the west there are again some veterans of Overwatch eSport, such as London Spitfire, Los Angeles Gladiators or San Francisco Shock. The latter, in particular, have mastered the switch to the new game brilliantly. Both Shock and Gladiators were able to win the first two games and thus confirm their favorite status.

It continues in the west division on May 20, before the first match day of the East Division takes place. The qualification round of the “Kickoff Clash” ends on May 29, all games are available on the official YouTube channel from Overwatch League.

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