The Ludonarcon, the digital convention dedicated to independent video games focused on the narrative, has held its fourth edition this weekend. Together with the talks, the round tables and the ads, a good handful of demos of some for those games “with a good plot” have been published _ _Prevised for this 2022.

The demonstrated during the Ludonarcon will be available in Steam until May 9. The criterion when choosing those that are part of this article is absolutely personal. After each review there is a Steam icon; By clicking on it you can visit the game page, in case you want to try the demo or see more information.

This entrance will be updated throughout the day with new reviews; Have the page by hand and ID visiting it to discover new games.

The Fabulous Fear Machine

Fictiorama Studios / Summer 2022

The fear machine proposed by Fictiorama works with myths, urban legends and that sticky substance that gives life to the fake news. After the generator of stories contained in Do not feed the monkeys, the Madrid study is optimated this time by the strategy A through a title in which armies have been replaced by large corporations and weapons by a series of ideas with sufficient scope to incapacitate the population. However, the mysterious tone and casi conspiranoic __ of its previous proposal remains present. Although the creators do not hide that their intention is to talk about the power of misinformation and propagand Our own story to your portfolio of possibilities.

Like all strategy and territory management titles, The Fabulous Fear Machine lets us execute a series of actions – explaining a point on the map, extending a fear, stopping an action against us – in exchange for a series of a series of a series of resources that we will have to store: time, oil and gasoline. With the help of a series of agents at our service, each with a certain level and specific skills, we will have to achieve over the days, increase the percentage of a specific fear in a territory in order to spread the message chosen by Our protagonist, the one who will help him achieve power, money or glory along with his initial objective. The demo points to the fact that each of the chapters will be starring a different user of the machine, with progressively more complex desires.

The Fabulous Fear Machine seems a fresh and original proposal that takes the war bases of the strategy to melt them with a current message. Despite the enormous amount of concepts that must be internalized to start playing, the fictiorama proposal knows how to keep us interested thanks to its protagonists and its journey through the different real moral panic waves that have acted throughout history. More than a good idea, an excellent machine to make us reflect. Paper mt

Witchy Life Story

Sundew Studio / 2022

Witchy Life Story It is starring a young witch of a renowned family who has been sent as punishment for her rebellion to the small village of Flora, a population in crisis that hopes that the next harvest festival will change her luck. Sundew Studio’s title mixes the Visual Novel with some of the elements of the manufacturing games to create a cozy proposal that, however, seems to have a playable loop too limited. Day by day we accompany the protagonist in the purchase of magical ingredients and in the care of the garden, to subsequently assist it in the manufacture of the potions, the spells, the amulets and the mixtures of incense commissioned by the different villagers. The day will end with the cast and visits to the different neighbors to see the functioning of our magic.

Comparing Witchy Life Story with other potion -making games such as Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator or with other structured titles through orders, such as Strang Horticulture, it is easy to conclude that Witchy Life Story is simple and, perhaps, a little superficial. The stories pointed out in the demo do not have the mystery of those of the Bad Viking title, nor fill our grimoria aims to be a challenge as it happens in the alchemist’s game. However, the title of Sundew Studio throws charm thanks to its adorable visual section, the decorative options for our country house and the different relationships that we can establish with our neighbors. Witchy Life Story points to a relaxed and humor experience in which perhaps, and depending on the final duration of the game, the little number of characters and the limited recipes leave us wanting more. Paper mt

How to say goodbye

Florian Veltman, Baptiste Portefaix / 2022

How to Say Goodbye tells the story of two brothers who are, after an unfortunate traffic accident, in the other world; It is a puzzles game and an exercise of style in which we must help, solving the puzzles that are formed on the ground of each level, to the ghosts to advance through a world visually inspired by the risography and children’s literature.

It is just the type of game that seems to be interested in Florian Veltman, which you may know for Lieve Oma. This time accompanied by Baptiste Portefaix, in How to Say Goodbye there does not seem a priority: equally important are the vignettes that are drawn as the purely mechanical, the puzzles, who ask us to slide the grids of the ground to take the ghosts to different sites, or to make different objects reach the ghosts. In the demo only the most complicated variations of this formula are intuited (ideal for touch screens; it was announced for mobile Of course, the thing is not going to drag the ghosts to the door and already: there are buttons that go up or down platforms, keys that open roads and doors, narrow halls that force each movement to plan so that everything reaches the place that suits us ; There are also interactive elements that encourage you to deviate from the Puzzle path to know more about this ghostly world, of naif appearance but in which a more serious background weighs, which encourages to think about those who leave and those who stay.

History Repeats - New Stories from the Past - LudoNarraCon 2022
The stitches that are weaving how to say goodbye are quiet, little or nothing ostentatious, although not shy; None occurs without thread. It is not very different from what happened with Lieve Oma, another quiet game but seemed made in the highest peak of the highest mountain, with monk’s wisdom. The doubts (how will the narrative combine with the possible need for the puzzles to climb in complexity or difficulty?) Do not make me want to play the full version: it is one of those games that encourage you to see those unevenness as opportunities To fascinate, to feel, to learn. Paper vm

Time Bandit

Joel Jordon / 2022

Time Bandit is (wants to be) a curiosity, but it also seems that it hides something more interesting than a simple gimmick. A priori, many of its pieces are familiar: you are an employee without apparent past of a company in which you perform apparently inconsequential actions but clearly hide some real real intentions.

Thus, your task (literally your work: you have a boss, they pay you for it, etc.) consists, in principle, to move boxes using an lift truck, build bridges and other work like that, very aligned with the nature of your workplace, a site literally labeled as facily. Described in this way, Time Bandit seems the worst game in history. There is a turn: everything happens in real time, and everything takes a real time to occur. Moving a box with the truck involves several minutes of slow movement in which you cannot get involved in another way than looking; Your first Quest in the demo is to build a bridge using the wood that you have talked in a nearby forest, and the construction process is accompanied by an irritating timer with a countdown of sixty minutes, which follow the same speed as those of the Your computer watch. Above, at all times, the time: the capture on these lines was taken at 8:51:08, as can be checked.

There is some joke, of course (it is a humorous game: it is full of funny moments), but there is also something more intriguing, something that seems to point in a more unexpected direction. The demo does not show how they will go, but there are stealth sections clearly inspired by Metal Gear Solid, as the codec demonstrates through which you receive the calls that are revealing the mysteries behind your strange work. You can get tired, and if you get tired of the account and fain yourself at work you end up in jail; It is an unfair law that can be avoided by going to sleep at home, which is also the only way to keep the game, and you have to sleep in real time_: To fill the bar that indicates your fatigue you have to rest eight hours. It is an eccentricity, of course, all this to have to go to work, do what your boss tells you even if you don’t know why you are doing it, live with the suspicion that from above they plot something that you have nothing more than mild suspicions, receive phone calls, return home and lie on a soft surface during the hours you can to have energies and do the same the next day. The game? Also, but (it seems because of the demo) better. Paper vm