Four -pack de Bruyne: City are still missing four points after victory against Wolves

It took a full seven minutes, when De Bruyne turned to cheer for the first time. After a double pass with Bernardo Silva, the Belgian hit the far corner flat. Only the brave Wolves, who were able to set a quick answer in the 2-2 against Chelsea, through lightning -fast switching game as well as recently. A template by Pedro Neto used Dendoncker (11th).

The sensational de Bruyne was difficult to stop that evening. At first he punished an unfortunate defense against José Sa (16th) before chasing the ball into the left corner after a courageous dribbling in front of the penalty area (24th). Bitter for the Wolves: A tackle from Zinchenko with which he excavated opponents Chiquinho was not considered a penalty even after the Var check (35th).

number 4 for de Bruyne – Foden to the aluminum

In round two, Sterling, who was allowed to run again after the 5-0 against Newcastle, was the supposed 4: 1, but was offside (47.). On the other hand, Ederson parried a coady degree brilliantly (56.). The fourth prank then followed four minutes later: With a dusting dust de Bruyne laced the four -pack (60th).

However, an assist was denied to the 30-year-old, Foden only hit the post from a short distance (67th). The Wolves missed the connection after two parades by Ederson (68th, 69th), so the paired rapid game in the final phase.

Sterling hits the network, Mahrez the post

Shortly before the end, Sterling then pushed a 5: 1 (84th), at Mahrez ‘supposed 6: 1 stood in the way of the posts (90th).

Nevertheless, with the victory, City restored the three-point lead over Liverpool. The Reds had won 2-1 against Aston Villa the day before – now City can crown each other with four points from the remaining two games.


The Wolves are expecting Norwich on Sunday (3 p.m.), Mancity will be guest at West Ham at the same time.